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By Cliff Schecter - February 6

We learn from Right's Field today that John McCain, this time in Texas, is once again selling his soul (quite literally) to the very same Dominionists he once thought were the "agents of intolerance."

He is now sucking up not only to the Reverend Jerry Falwell, but professional homophobe the Rev. Richard Land and professional nuclear-Armageddon-fantasizer the Rev. John Hagee.

Nice group of new friends you've got there, Senator Double Talk.

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r€nato said:

question: can we find a photo of McCain in drag, like Giuliani? I think that would finish him off...

PS sucking up to Hagee? Jay-sus. That guy is creepier than Dobson, Falwell and Perkins combined.

Is there ANY fundamentalist cock McCain won't suck in his quest to be president? Sadly, no.

February 6, 2007 7:57 PM

Basheert said:

Oops you answered your own question didn't you?

I actually watched Cspan today - I am hoping that as the "debate" becomes more and more public, the rest of the country will see what is happening. McCain was his usual "YOU HATE THE TROOPS" looking very limp and saggy and all one color (blue).

The Republican side of the Senate is pretty pathetic and it won't take very long for people to see that they won't allow ANY debate about ANYTHING. I like to hope and believe the American people will see through this grandstanding and stonewalling.

Should be about time for Bush to bomb Iran to distract the Senate .... time's growing short.

February 6, 2007 9:46 PM

Stus said:

This is pathetic, Cliff. McCain continues to negate every strong ethical position that made so many admire him back in the 2000 primary races.

Thanks for continuing to do a proper shokhet job on McCain's contradictions.

February 7, 2007 6:39 PM

pendragon said:

Poor John McDumbass. He's so out of touch it's pathetic. People are sick and tired of these fundamentalist nuts. If the recent elections throwing out so many of his fellow Repubs haven't prodded him to change his skewed view then there ain't much political hope for the guy. This is his last go round and he knows it.

So he's pandering to everything and everyone. Hence the flippin' and floppin'. And John Hagee is especially hideous. Those panoramas or whatever they are when he's on his rants are spectacular. A fantasy but insane entertainment nonetheless. Somebody must have chewed on some 'shrooms before they did those things.

February 8, 2007 5:38 PM

Riggsveda said:

I dunno. Watching McCain melt down from a powerful, principled survivior into a little match boy trying desperately to sell his wares to a phony feedlot full of hypocrites has been a despairing experience (Christ, how bad must it be for HIM, when he goes home at night and looks at himself in the mirror?) But it's easy to focus our criticism on him while we give a pass to the fundamentalist circle-jerk that sucks lawmakers on both sides of the aisle into things like the annual Prayer Breakfast.

I'm not a Republican, nor was I ever interested in voting for McCain, but it seems that the play-out of this drama is a microcosm of how the Dominionist few are subverting the political process and destroying any remaining credibility in our two-party system. They are bitch-slapping the Republican candidates into submission, and dismissing all others as Satanic moles. How long will we keep babbling amongst ourselves about what to do before they finally take over completely? American Taliban, indeed.

February 13, 2007 4:26 PM

pendragon said:

Well yeah, it's easy to focus criticism on him because he is one of the remaining FEW who are prostitutes for Bush's war and he's running for the office of President of these United States.

We had better take a close look at him or we will never get out of Iraq. It will be more of the same. Also taking into account the way he's sold his principles right out from under HIMSELF says it all.
The more people that babble the better. Spread the word! He's a fake! He will say ANYTHING to ANYONE at ANY TIME to get what he wants. He is as nakedly unprincipled a politician (and there are plenty, I know) as I have seen since the Bush mafia came to power. And who in their right mind wants more of that crap?

February 17, 2007 9:12 PM

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