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Timeline: McCain Does NOT Support The Troops
Posted on July 28th, 2008 by HotPotatoMash -

If this is not damning of the Arizona Senator then nothing is.

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    Many POW's were killed because they kept their mouths shut.

    They would not 'sing'.

    They are the War Heroes.

    John McCain broke and confessed to save his own ass.



    War hero??

    You decide.

    Shame on John McCain.

    Vote Obama/Biden '08
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    Could you all STOP bitching at each other and TALK instead, or is this just a British quality?
    One of the crucial sources of 'truth' has been Olberman. Another is ''.
    Another, the late-Aaron Russo's film, 'America: From Freedom To Fascism'. There are many sources out there if you start looking and like Bruce Willis, suddenly WAKE UP and spend 4 months non-stop on the Internet because you have realised that 9/11 was a crock... and he's an arch-republican!
    It is no longer Democrat or Republican, it is now Americans against the globalist fraternity otherwise known as Elitists or Illuminati, and their various bought and paid for international organisations like the C.F.R.(Council on Foreign Relations), the Tri-lateral Commission, the United Nations, W.H.O.(World Health Organisation) I.M.F. and all the World Banks including your own Federal Reserve, which as was said in Aaron's film, is no more Fed than Federal Express! THESE are your enemies, NOT Obama or McCain. And sitting pretty in the middle of all of this are people like our English Queen, your family of Bushes and Clintons and the Saudi Royals, including Osama, friend of the Bushes and well-known for his C.I.A. connections and activities in Afghanistan before the current War. Check it all out and quit 'killing' each other! And while you're at it, check out:
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    hey jerry,
    they say ignorance is dangerous, you are 1 ignorant MF, Olberman is putting it out there fair and square and you still don't get it, Mccain will be BushII, you better not get it twisted, if Mcsame gets it, we are ALL doomed to hell!
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    Ever wondered what Keith Olbermann eats for lunch. I'm pretty sure it's Obama's Ass
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    BTW -what you won't catch on any of the nets
    -unflinching and sustained coverage of China
    and North Asia.

    -Hear anything about the little raft flotilla
    picked-up last April in the China Sea?

    22 young North Koreans -fleeing. Many of them
    women. Under presure from the '-don't get China mad' lobby -they were quietly handed back
    -and were all executed.

    Not a peep on any of the nets---

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