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When Their Supporters Call Obama a Terrorist and Demand His Assassination, McCain and Palin Remain Silent
Posted on October 7th, 2008 by baratundethurston -

Everyone has their threshold. I’ve just reached mine. Thanks to AmericaBlog for pointing me to this and this. Also a hat tip to TPM Election Central.

John “Country Last” McCain and Sarah Palin held some truly hate-filled rallies on Monday. Here’s a montage from McCain’s hatefest 2008.

During this rally, a McCain supporter answers the question posed by Senator Country Last, “Who is the real Barack Obama?” The unmistakable answer: terrorist!

McCain says nothing.

From The Washington Post and AmericaBlog on Palin’s rally:

“Now it turns out, one of his earliest supporters is a man named Bill Ayers,” Palin said.
“Boooo!” said the crowd.
“And, according to the New York Times, he was a domestic terrorist and part of a group that, quote, ‘launched a campaign of bombings that would target the Pentagon and our U.S. Capitol,’” she continued.
“Boooo!” the crowd repeated.
“Kill him!” proposed one man in the audience.
Palin went on to say that “Obama held one of the first meetings of his political career in Bill Ayers’s living room, and they’ve worked together on various projects in Chicago.”

Palin says nothing.

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    This is like having a lynching mob being incited by this desperate attempt to win an election by feeding into the fear and hate that has been plaguing this country since it's origins. Can we please move on and beyond this? For the sake of our children, who are seeing this terrible obscene display of name calling and prejudice by our elected officials.
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    In the most corrupt days of the Roman Empire, the Caesars put on spectacles in the colosseums for the people to distract them from how truly bad things had gotten. People were totured, executed, torn to pieces by wild animals and gladiators. This is no different.
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    Were already in a depression . the numbers on all areas of the economy have been falsified for 8 years thats been reported on every news network at least once. This is just more smoke , the number of people hurt will become exponential for the next year , we are there.
    It could have been prevented Bush did nothing . Mccain supports Bush or he and Palin would have called him out on it by now . Do a search on Bush buying up 100,000 acres in Paraguay . I thought he loved america, seems like he's trying to run and do business as usual from a country where he can be autonomous even after the election , wheres Mccain on that?
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    Wow there sure are some twisted comments here . Kill ? ok I'm all for the fbi checking out this website !
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    Bush created this mess , Mccain supported him and has no difference in his approach . Suicides over this housing and economic crisis all over this nation, Families being thrown out into the streets , He has supporters calling the other side terrorists and for his death , and a VP pick who comes from a state that runs itself (Alaska ) only 600,000 people in Alaska calling the other side a terrorist? She's been feeding from the public trough to long already and hasnt even been in office 20 months.

    Think about that , the whole state because of its strategic location gets all the money it needs from the federal goverment , then add the Big Oil companies and you dont get a ceo of the state, you dont even get a govenor , you get a dog with a note in its mouth doing what its owner says!

    Palin and Mccain do not have a clue on how to run this country and trying to disguise their hate for America and not even addressing their own crowd that calls for death to the other parties candidate?

    Not even saying a word on the spot ? Not saying a word about how this current administration has destroyed america as we know it ? They are more of the same and America knows it .

    It seems the Mccain side forgot , forgot who the real terrorists are, I guess if they cant catch Bin Laden then they got to blame somebody else , I guess if they cant find WMD's they got to kill a bunch of people including our own troops to cover up that fact .

    Bush destroyed this country , Mccain never said a word about it until he runs for president , same with the economy and jobs , 3 weeks before the crisis he said we have a "healthy economy ".He is clueless , his VP is clueless and now they are dangerous, by staying silent about the death threats at their own campaign rallies shouted by their supporters .

    Send Mccain back to Arizona to retire ( whats he done for his own state ) and her back to Alaska to pretend shes a leader.
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    It is interesting to hear McCain talk about associations. Doesn't anyone remember Keating 5, that took the banks down in the 80's and his association with Charles Keating who helped launch McCains career? He also has associations to white racist groups. What is it saying about our "Home Land Security", FBI and CIA to let a so called terriorist get the the level of the Presidential Nomination of the United States of America? I would think if any of this is true, our Government would know of this and a terriorist would not be in the United States senate. Is anybody thinking rationally anymore? Or do they just like hearing other people be ripped to shreds so they can fill better about themselves. God help the sheeples.
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    They better hold their tongues because I'm that guy that starts bucking back and taking lives. So here's what I say you fucking racists come and get some. Kill my savior and I'll make sure I kill your children!
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    "Kill Palin" is obviously a McCain supporter. We're not stupid you know. Those who support Senators Obama/Biden don't label them "saviors"... only McCain supporters looking to build strawmen do that.
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    Does Cindy McCain move, where does she be looking, you can't see her eyes. Women today Mrs. McCain walk beside their husband, not behind. It seems he physically & verbally abuse you for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. You seem awfully scared of him, he can't raise his arms, but I guess he can lift his feet. For him to put you on the attack at these rallies shows how weak a woman you are. But I forgot, you STOLE HIM FROM HIS DISABLED WIFE! You are not a strong woman and your husband is sick, old, senile, and GRUMPY. You two deserve each other and both of you need to go to one of your 7, 8, 9, homes and give it up. Or you could go shopping again and spend 75,000 a month while the rest of us figure out how we are going to pay our bills. Get a backbone, well you may be on drugs again, you sure look like it.
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    Sarah Palin need to shut up, since she is under INVESTIGATION, look at her pastor who prayed the witch craft out of her and helped her become governor, the lie about the bridge to no where, this woman lies every time she opens her mouth, This is a woman who doesn't know what magazine she reads. She doesn't even get that Mccain is using her like a two bit whore. She's not qualifed to be a phone operator, let a lone a vice president. She's a disgrace, even most decent conservative women says the same.
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