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The Real Life Consequences of an Anti-Choice President
Posted on June 11th, 2008 by TSweeney NIRHealth -

A poll of 1,200 women in March showed that about half of those who back Senator John McCain said they didn’t know enough about where he stands on abortion to determine whether he agrees with their own opinions on choice. That means they might not know that he wants to overturn Roe, that he opposes birth control, or that he has voted against women’s choice 123 out of 128 times in the Senate. If McCain is able to smuggle these anti-choice policies into the White House, consequences for women could include less control over their reproductive health, fewer choices in handling an unintended pregnancy, and even the criminalization of abortion.

The new video just released by Brave New Films depicts a dystopian vision where clinics would deny women the full range of services and even information about unintended pregnancies. These videos may just be satire, good for mocking McCain and his anti-choice policies, but they eerily reflect the actual decisions that he and other pro-life policymakers have made about the fate of reproductive rights in America.

One of the scariest possible consequences of electing an anti-choice candidate is that overturning Roe would lead to the criminalization of abortion. That means that women would be forced to choose between seeking an illegal, dangerous abortion and carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term. Doctors would have to choose between providing safe, quality abortion care and risking criminal prosecution, or turning women away when they need their doctors most. We know the results of such policies all too well—we’ve been down that road before, and we can’t go back. The Winning Message Action Fund of the National Institute for Reproductive Health has established a website, and produced a video ad dedicated to making sure that this critical question is part of the national dialogue.

And it’s not just John McCain that we have to fear. Many state legislatures are considering—or have already passed—laws that make abortion a crime. In 2007 alone, 14 states considered legislation that would make all abortions illegal, except in cases of rape, incest or where the mother’s life is at risk. For example, a key committee in the Colorado legislature came within one vote of passing legislation to make all abortions illegal. Three states—Louisiana, Mississippi, and North Dakota—have actually enacted complete bans on abortion that will likely take effect the day Roe is overturned by a conservative Supreme Court.

These nightmare scenarios are enough to urge anyone who cares about the fate of choice in America to do whatever possible to prevent the ascendancy of ill-advised and inhumane crusades against the right to choose.

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    Something else to think about:

    The likelihood of banning abortion "for economic reasons" (as in seeking to maintain, @ all costs, a labour-intensive Luddite socioeconomic model and paradigm based on outdated socioeconomic ideals, not unlike Romania under Nicolae Ceaucescu's warped and dystopian desire to hasten the Final Onset of Pure Socialism).


    "Don't let 'em fool you, bro; read (and shop) The Exaggerator @ any and every possible opportunity online...."
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    • Obama flip flopped on his pledge to spurn private contributions and finance his campaign publicly – as long as his opponent did likewise. McCain said he’s willing and Obama flipped and said he’s not.

    • The Democratic candidate was caught flat footed by the sudden spike in oil prices and even defended their high level, lamenting only that we had not been given a period of time to make a “gradual adjustment” to the higher price.

    • McCain urged off-shore drilling, which Americans support, according to Rasmussen’s polling, by 70-19, while Obama said no.

    • Obama urged that we give foreign terror suspects constitutional rights, including habeas corpus, and even implied that if we caught bin Laden, that’s how he should be treated.

    • The head of the commission Obama set up to vet Vice Presidential candidates, Jim Johnson, had to resign after he was found to have gotten millions in sweetheart loans from Countrywide, the mortgage giant that is at the heart of the subprime scandal.

    But you’d never know it from the polls. Rasmussen has Obama ahead by four, pretty much where he’s been for two weeks, and Newsweek showed him ahead by fifteen points.

    How is Obama doing it? He’s got a defensive strategy based on jujitsu – using his enemies’ strength against him. Obama’s tormentors on the right keep invoking the crazy remarks of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and former terrorist William Ayers to convince people that Obama is some kind of sleeper agent, sent to seduce and destroy our democracy from within. Some wonder if he is really a Muslim masquerading as a Christian.

    The more these extreme charges are leveled against the Democratic nominee, the less attention we focus on the very real radical positions that he has taken, grounds enough for a vote against him. The right is so busy pushing Wright and Ayers that it doesn’t have time to focus on what doubling the capital gains tax would do to the country or what weakening the Patriot Act would do to national security. The policies that Obama espouses call attention to the danger they represent. His economic programs would land us in a deep and long recession as he drove capital out by doubling the tax on it. His health care policies would pay for federally subsidized insurance for 12 million illegal immigrants, forcing the rest of us to wait in line for our health care – and often to be denied needed procedures because of “objective criteria” applied by federal regulators.

    His comments about forcing anti-terror investigators to proceed as would regular criminal prosecutors ignores the fact that we do not seek to prosecute, but only to prevent terror attacks, and would burden our homeland security people, slowing them down so we get hit again.

    There is so much in Obama’s record to criticize, and the right does him a service by vilifying him. You don’t have to believe that he is the Manchurian Candidate to realize that he would be way too liberal as a president.
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    i'd rather have an anti-choice president than an anti-christ president!!! no barack hussain obama bin laden for president!!!!
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    We are in trouble with either candidate so pick your poison.
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    Iranian Dude,
    Though you are ignorant of how America was founded, I believe you are CORRECT about McCain giving us "the final push". You are also accurate that the election of Obama will "delay the inevitable".

    God's wrath will soon descend upon the United States of America. We are doomed.
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    If McCain is elected president of the United States of America we will all enjoy the power of our American Military Complex as it goes throughout the world destroying our enemies everywhere on the earth and beyond!
    We will all die gloriously for our leader and "Commander and Chief" without complaining and we will make make a whole lot of money in this war making enterprise!
    Let's hope it lasts 100 years!
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    Let's face it folks. The moment of Truth is close by. God in his wisdom has decided to accord one last chance to America.

    Choosing McCain will bring a decisive and rapid end to the world as we know it. It will be a welcome change for the vast majority of Earth's habitants. Choosing Obama will (IMHO) only delay the inevitable. Why wait?

    Just as with a rotten tooth, one must eventually face one's fears and have it removed. Yes, it will be painful. Yes, there will be blood. Yes, the pain suddenly goes away when we sit on the dentist's chair.... But at the end of the day, what must be done, has to get done.

    America was founded on top of massive genocide and slavery. It has waged countless wars against the defenseless populations, be them in its own backyard or on the opposite side of the globe. Its rein of terror has only increased through successive presidents. There is no doubt that America is the most Evil nation in the history of mankind. However its end is near. It is standing on its knees right on top of its own grave. John McCain is the man to give it that final push.
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