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Posted on October 14th, 2008 by robertgreenwald -

We’d like to talk about the pressing issues facing our country: the woeful economy, rising unemployment, the housing crisis, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  But we can’t talk about them because John McCain and Sarah Palin have distracted us with the politics of hate and fear.

Instead of discussing the real issues plaguing Americans, McCain and Palin have turned to fear-mongering and race-baiting, stoking the prejudices of their supporters.  The situation has become so critical that we’ve teamed up with Color of Change to put an end to these dangerous mob scenes.

Things have gotten so out of control that some conservatives have come forward to denounce McCain and Palin’s hate-mongering.  In an Op-Ed for The Baltimore Sun, Frank Schaeffer writes: “John McCain: If your campaign does not stop equating Sen. Barack Obama with terrorism, questioning his patriotism and portraying Mr. Obama as “not one of us,” I accuse you of deliberately feeding the most unhinged elements of our society the red meat of hate, and therefore of potentially instigating violence.”

Here’s how you can take action:

  1. Sign the open letter calling on McCain and Palin to reject the politics of hate.
  2. Sign up for a free video subscription and get the latest on the real McCain.
  3. Send this video to yours friends, and post it on your blogs and networking sites like Digg, where it will effectively reach those outside the choir.

Don’t let McCain and Palin undo the decades spent fighting for civil rights and equality in our country.

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    Unless I am totally mistaken, the American People were told when the campaign between McCain and Obama began we could expect a campaign based upon the issues.

    Given that the two individuals who told us this were the two candidates, I had a very faint hope that perhaps, just this once, such an idea had a chance. Just imagine, a campaign not based upon assessing blame but one based upon the actual issues. Not a campaign based upon how many houses one owned or how many times one were a neighborhood organizer or how many pieces of legislation one introduced. Yet, here we are, once again.
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    The haters have a agenda even the early voting machines are already screwing up with votes for Mccain as shown on lou dobbs , and the excuses of the company who makes them and the state representives who are supposed to make sure they work correctly are very weak . Here we go again .

    More of the same Bush Mccain
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    I feel that McCain has compromised his integrity by aligning himself with the ultra right-wing Christian fundamentalists' penchant for bigotry.

    I thought John McCain may have learned something from his years as a POW and the Keating Five scandal but it seems he is just too set in his ways or perhaps he lacks basic human compassion for those who disagree with him.
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    You have been allowing the flames of hate and divisiveness to be fanned. That is not patriotic, our forefathers came here to escape repression and bigotry; that is not American, at least not the America that I know and love and that my family help to build starting in the 1600's. It is disgraceful and you, John McCain, are better than that. That is not the America you fought for and that my father fought to protect in World War II. Shame on you. If violence comes to Senator Obama it will be blood on your hands.
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    Senator McCain,
    Do you have any inkling of what is going on in your campaign? Your political fans have been whipped into a frenzy by you and Governor Palins innuendo about Senator Obamas past. I liken this to what racists have always done to get support from a certain segment of our society. This is the lowest form of support and the lowest of political tactics. You have only once to my knowledge, stepped in to stop this racist based hate. You are not the same man you used to be and appear willing to employ any tactic to win the election. Please stop this now, and if you loose, you can do so with some of the dignity you once enjoyed. Don't continue the boldfaced lie to good Americans on national TV about what you have done to stop the hate and don't act like the victim. Stick to the issues. That would be really refreshing
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    Thank you, Senator McCain, for calling Senator Obama a "good man" whose patriotism is unquestioned. I'm upset that your supporters booed you when you said that. Of course, you went on to say you think you would be a much better president. Please double your efforts to stop your running mate and supporters by trying to convince people that Obama is a terrorist. Such hatred, some of which is probably also connected to racism, must be defused before it leads to actions you would not approve, even attempted murder. Lois Congdon, Bradenton, Florida
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    Thank you for finally admitting McCain has responded to this. Now if someone could please write an open letter to those Obama supporters who constantly criticize Palin for being from Alaska (like it unqualfies her from an imortant position) or for attempting to take on a high profile job while having young chidren.
    This website needs to stop being so naive to believe the politics of hate is only being displayed by one side. The most racist thing I keep hearing from Americans is that "a hockey mom from Alaska" should never be able to be in a position of power in the country. Is it just me who thinks this is discrimanatory? Or are your opinions possibly that one-sided?
    Nice web-site by the way, claiming McCain is leading the politics of hate, fear and division while at the same time being so petty as to show a video of him hugging Bush and any negative footage you can show of him. Questioning him being a terrorist? Isn't this just a bit hypocritical when you are complaining of his side doing the same thing to Obama.
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    It's not that a hocky mom couldn't be VP or President, it's that Sarah Palin has NO relevant experience, knowledge, or character to be either. The American people must consider that there is a good chance she could end up as President during the first term if McCain is elected. This is just scary and if people keep convincing themselves otherwise they'll likely regret it. Palin cannot answer questions, let alone answer them truthfully or with any bit of professionalism and knowledge. Can you imagine someone that has the attitude and tosses out lies and racist comments so carelessly being President of this country? Speaking to leaders of other nations, no less? It's only right to require the same divulgence of records and information and background from Palin as for any other candidate. Not only that, but McCain's health records have not been fully released. There is a lot that isn't right about this campaign and yet Obama responds with quiet yet firm answers to only some of McCain and Palin's accusations. This is because he has character and has substance. There is no need or desire for him to resort to the childish and disgusting behaviors of his campaign. There is much more to McCain than many people realize and it amazes me that anyone is fooled. It doesn't speak well for our citizens and their ability to think for themselves. We are becoming an embarrassment in the rest of the world's eyes. It seems that McCain supports refuse to look or listen to anything that doesn't seem to support their fantasy of McCain and Palin. Given all the true facts (or their any other kind?) even 4th graders could logically determine the character and relevant qualifications of the candidates. Come on, act and think like adults.
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