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What Is John McCain’s Problem with Women?
Posted on October 20th, 2008 by thejedreport -

Today, John McCain defended his selection of Sarah Palin as “a cold political calculation” that has “energized our base.” He says she is a “a direct counterpoint to the liberal feminist agenda for America.”

So what’s the “liberal feminist agenda” McCain is fighting against? The one that cares about “health of the mother?”

The man is just a total pyscho. No air quotes needed.

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    I agree with susie and I am looking forwad to a positive change with the fresh leadership of Barack Obama.
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    "NUTS !!!
    "If the far left liberals were to describe their political choices in terms of nutritional value! It would seem as though they would have to come up with something like a can of mixed nuts: There is the peanut (Reid), the hazel nut (Pelosi), the walnut (Biden), and the macadamia nut (Obama). And, let’s not forget their intended to include nut, the “cash-you” (tax) nut and enriched voter fraud acorns.
    "Now, nuts do have nutritional value, but a whole meal they do not make. And, separating the nuts into three meals, peanuts and hazel nuts for breakfast, walnuts for lunch, and macadamia and “cash-you” nuts for dinner leaves a lot to be desired. And although these mixed nuts are a combination of less than fifty per-cent peanuts and considered a deluxe nut package, no one should be crazy enough to believe that the value/rule of life under a diet of nuts is going to benefit anyone except the nut packers DNC the Deluxe Nut Committee.
    "Nuts might be a good snack, but in terms of a political nutritional choice, I’m going with McCain and Palin. They just look like they know what a well-balanced self reliant, freedom spirited American should be served for their social and political health. And, when they speak, they speak to our spirit of independence, self-reliance, our social conscious, and our common sense.
    "As far as I’m concerned, I’ve heard enough of what the deluxe nuts have done and what they intend to do. I’m not in a state of denial, a subconsciously depressed citizen with latent tendencies of becoming a socialist, and I don’t want to be spoken to like I’m. But, after this November, it won’t matter, the DNC (Deluxe Nut Committee) will have to vacuum seal and shelve their deluxed, mixed-up nuts.
    "I’m dieting and dinning with whatever the McCain’s and Palins will be cooking up. And, I’m going to vote for them to serve us to a better political health from out of the White House’s kitchen. (And, if I want a snack, I’ll eat popcorn)

    The value that a person assumes as President with no overiding factor other than the effective use of language, would be an obama-nation in the White House
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    Joe , if Sarah has such a high approval rating then why did the anchorage daily news just endorse Obama?

    Mary , your as clueless as your candidate (Mccain) . Mccain's experiance is what exactly? Other than political real estate deals what is Mccains experiance ? Please tell us . Voting with Bush policy ? Mccain even has to spend money on politcal ads in his home state . That should tell you something , that the people of Arizona are tired of Mccain too!

    Paul , the country isnt heading for a depression its there already , thanks to Bush , and Mccain wants to keep it this way for the next four . This mess has only just started and everyone agrees it has everything to do with Bush policy from the Top down . Even Greenspan was stunned to see what really went on under Bush .

    You can believe that Palin has real experiance , the fact is she was a very mediocre Govenor and the people of Alaska will tell you so . Now as she defends her expensive "family trips " at tax payer expense ( I guess thats the only way she can keep them from getting pregnant ) , and her 150 k clothes allowance from the gop , she wants to connect with soccer moms and hockey moms? Many of those mothers cant even afford the programs for their kids . The people of Alaska would not vote for her for govenor today if that were the office she were running for . Mccain likewise would probably not be voted in as a senator in Az today either.

    Alaska has a smaller population in the whole state than any one major city in the lower 48 . How hard can it be to govern a state run by the energy companies and the federal goverment with so few people?

    Bush destroyed the American economy , and the small business person . Obama is the only candidate saying NO MORE OF THE SAME . Mccain is clueless on the economy that the next president will inherit . Under Obama , small business will do better than any years of Bush , and so will America . Compare the plans . If your taking home 250 k after all the business write offs and tax credits that a small business can write off ( think about it . really look at it )
    and you have to pay more in income tax and are complaining then you havent looked at what Mccain is offering . Compare apples to apples and see what you get .
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    Another reason why any woman of any faith should not be voting for Mccain
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    America needs fresh blood in its governing gene pool, without a doubt, a younger lateral thinker, who can accomodate the future, Obama is the man for the job, you cant run a new world on dirty fuel, we have entered a new world, the global market has entered a new dimension, the last 20 years will never be repeated, not just through wall street, property market, but through the consciousness, mahatma gandhi said civilisation..... if only,. we are entering into a new phase of globalisation. get with the programme, Mccain, Bush, Palin, all want to maintain the problems, we've all been part of the problem, we need to start working on the solution..
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