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McCain Haunted by Past Infidelities and Ongoing Sanctimony
Posted on June 4th, 2008 by Brave New Films -

Cliff Schecter writes

As you'll see in this video above, from a town hall meeting in Nashville, Tennessee Monday, mixed in with platitudes about gay marriage, we get a nice little comment from this questioner on the sanctity of marriage in McCain's life-or more to the point, sanctimony. Here is a rough transcript of her question to The Morally Righteous One, which comes at the beginning of the video (it includes McCain's answer to this question and a previous on on Hillary Clinton):

My second and final question, you talk a lot about the character issue…and…like you, um, I was opposed to gay marriage, I was in always in favor of civil unions but the basic definition of marriage….but, then I get to thinking, that is based on what we consider to be the sanctity of marriage. There is nothing….you see long-term couples splitting up, it's, it's just crazy…I know that you, your own situation, you're going to have to address that in the campaign. Infidelity is just a terrible cancer on this country….and I think if we're going to talk about…gay marriage, it has to be in the context of the preservation of marriage…which I just don't see it, I think we need to make it more difficult for people to get married, or whatever we need to do..if that's…if we're going to be consistent.

 McCain ignored that part of the question, of course.


h/t Mike Rogers for providing the video

Update: From The Real McCain:

Arriving back in the United States in 1973, McCain faced not only his own lingering injuries but also those that his wife had sustained in an automobile accident in 1969. After nine months of intensive physical therapy, he was reinstated to flight status. While stationed in Jacksonville, Florida, he was instrumental in turning around the performance of a Corsair squadron.

His marriage did not recover so well. McCain has admitted to “selfishness and immaturity” and has attributed the breakup of his marriage to his own misdeeds. He has even gone out of his way to exempt Vietnam from any blame. “The blame was entirely mine,” he said.

McCain had already met and romanced, while still married to Shepp, the woman who would be his second wife — Cindy Lou Hensley, seventeen years his junior, the only child of a wealthy Anheuser-Busch distributor from Phoenix.10 Cindy’s father, Jim Hensley, had been a World War II pilot, shot down over the English Channel. In 1955 he formed his company, Hensley & Co., now the country’s sixth-largest beer distributorship. Cindy had gone from cheerleader to rodeo queen to graduate student at University of South Carolina by the time she met McCain in 1979. A year later, McCain and his first wife were granted a divorce; six weeks later, McCain married Cindy.

Update II: It just occurred to me, as this was in Tennessee, where the local GOP has been attacking Barack Obama's wife in ads, that perhaps someone might ask McCain to address whether he respected "the sanctity of marriage" enough to demand that his local party stop attacking his opponent's wife.

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