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GOP Senator: McCain “Will Put Coal Out Of Business”
Posted on November 4th, 2008 by thejedreport -

John McCain launched the final attack of his campaign, a fraudulent assault on Barack Obama that serves as a fitting reminder of the fundamental dishonesty not only of his own campaign, but also of the dishonesty of his allies in the right-wing propaganda establishment: Matt Drudge and FOX News.

All you need to know to understand the video is that the Drudge, FOX, and the McCain campaign joined forces with Newsbusters to push a story that the San Francisco Chronicle had concealed an eleven month old recording that supposedly contained devastating audio of Barack Obama proposing to bankrupt the entire coal industry.

Not only was that story false (more detail below), but it turns out that Barack Obama and John McCain have the same position on clean coal technology, and Ohio’s Republican senator said McCain’s plan to fight global warming would “put coal out of business.”Here’s the facts that the McCain-Drudge-FOX axis of weasel does not want you to know: The Chronicle had not concealed the recording, which had been on the newspaper’s website all along. And rather than reveal some sinister scheme, what it actually demonstrated was that Barack Obama supported clean coal technology — a position he shares with none other than John McCain.

Despite the fact that both candidates support clean coal technology, the McCain campaign tried to make the case that Barack Obama wanted to take away jobs from coal country in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and both Drudge and FOX were happy to oblige.

But just three years ago on the floor of the United States Senate, John McCain’s Republican colleague George Voinovich of Ohio took to the floor to argue against a proposal by McCain to curb greenhouse gas emissions. McCain’s proposal, Voinovich said, would “put coal out of business” and cost thousands of jobs, an argument that McCain did not contest.

In fact, McCain agreed that his plan would require sacrifice, but he also argued (correctly) that in the long-run, America would be better off. In other words, he made the exact same arguments as Barack Obama — and as you can see above, it was all on video.

The clips I used from FOX were actually attacking Barack Obama, but the fact that you could just as easily have swapped McCain in place of Obama reveals how their media enterprise is really a propaganda operation in which political figures are nothing more than character actors taking up space in their pre-ordained dramatic narrative.

They aren’t dealing with reality, they are trying to construct a new reality. For years, they’ve been able to maintain political power by doing just that, but now that the reality of their disastrous governance has caught up to them, their ability to lie their way to victory has been severely damaged.

For better or for worse, it’s a lesson they still haven’t learned. They still think they can fake their way through it.

But that’s not really the important thing. The important thing is that we are overcoming their grip on power. And for that, the world is a better place.

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    Let's face it, John M. has no one else to blame for losing the election but himself. He was focused far too hard on the negatives of his opponent instead of discussing what his plans were as his opponent did. McCain really wasn't even in the race until he brought on Sara P......too bad it took a woman to "kick it up a notch" huh. I can't even watch him talk on the TV anymore, as I feel he is just pacifying his constituants. I saw two sides of McCain, neither of which could take the bull by the horns............
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    Thanks for information, In the last few years technology has had a massive impact on the way the world of business functions. For example, in the 1990's Information technology and the information super highway were the sought after investment options.
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    I weill never foget john i made a video on youtube about him, please comment it and make sure he will never be forgoten
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    My fellow Americans:

    I want to thank my supporters for your mindless support of me, despite my blind faith in the failed policies of the Bush Administration and my status as a sidekick. I thought I had fooled you by claiming to be a maverick, but I think most of you saw through that and realized it was early onset of dementia.

    I want to thank President-elect Obama for not pointing out how immoral I am and bringing my adulterous affair with Cindy while I was still married to my first wife, and how I dumped her despite her waiting for me the whole time I was treated like royalty in the Hanoi Hilton. It was nice of her to wait, but after her accident and her getting fat, I couldn't stay with her, especially when Cindys family has so much money, and all the beer I can drink.

    I also like how my supporters claim my time as a Prisoner of War makes me uniquely qualified to be President. If that's all it takes, we have thousands of qualified candidates. Most of them don't have the money to do this though, and I did!

    Your blind following of me because I claim to be pro-life is amazing, especially considering I've done nothing in my 20 plus years in the Senate to support that stance.

    I would also like to thank the Bonanno family (my Mafia friends) for their continued monetary support, and my friend Charles Keating (Keating 5) for allowing his nephew, Joe Wurzelbacher, to come out as Joe the Plumber and try to make an issue out of something that wasn't. President Bush and I did our best to take from the poor and give to the rich, so it's only right that President Obama take from the rich and give to the poor. We like to call it socialism so we can get elected, but in reality it's the right thing to do for the American people. If I'd been elected, my rich friends would have gotten even richer at the expense of the poor and middle class. Not that I give a damn, since I'm rich. I have 9 homes, 13 cars, and a jet. You think I give a rats ass about the middle class?

    I'd also like to thank President Bush for not supporting me. God knows I don't need that kind of help. He's the most hated President since... well, I don't know that any President has been that hated! I still support the war, despite the fact we had no proof that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, or any ties to Al Qaeda. We actually should have called them weapons of mass distraction, cause our goal was basically to take down Saddam Hussein since W's daddy couldn't. And once we started calling everyone a terrorist, it was so much fun we just couldn't stop.

    Thank You again for your blind support.

    We almost hoodwinked the American public into giving us 4 more years of Bush policies!

    John McCain
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    good post
    The idea of coal out of business may not be economical,the using of coal in nuclear reactions is most economical but in life sciences aspects it may be harmful.
    drop your idea about blog.
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    I'm so tired of hearing about "Joe the Plumber". Joe makes more money in a month than most of us make in a year. Too bad he doesn't want to share the wealth. We all think the rich need to pay more of their share than they are now.
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    Why should Joe the Plumber want to share his wealth with you? Why do you (or the federal government, for that matter) deserve any of Joe's wealth? If you are making less money than he does, and are unhappy about it, why don't you become a plumber?
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