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Posted on May 29th, 2008 by dadoonan -

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    I'm glad he didn't support the GI Bill, because I don't want him to win the election. =)

    Keep being a fucktard wanker Johnny!
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    Directed to "Real American" The idea is to not be at war. We cannot afford it as a nation and it is not keeping us safe as a nation.

    There is no logical reasin to not redefine the GI bill to give our service men and women the oppurtunity to higher education. That is the least we can do for putting them in harms way for no clear reason.

    By the way we are not at war with the Iraquis or Iraquians as you put it. We are policing a civil war caused by a misguilded and stubburn president who only cares about how he will look in the history books.

    I live in Arizona and voted for McCain for the Senate. I know first hand how "Crazy Man" John McCain is... I believe you need to do some research of your own...

    Obama for President!
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    John McCain has stated, in his usual straight talk style, that we must beef up our military in order to win our war with Iraq, and others in the near future (Iran?) The right way forward is to institute a draft that fair and equitable to everyone involved, and the plan is the fully vetted and trusted Rumsfeld Plan.

    Under the Rumsfeld plan, anyone not involved in a war critical civilian position, or anyone otherwise considered by the federal draft board to be draft exempt due to other “considerations”, and between the ages of 16 and 47 will be draft eligible.

    John McCain has stated that the need for manpower is so great, that no other criteria will be considered in determining eligibility. Conscription and tour length in war zones will, of course, be for the duration.

    John McCain, ever fiscally responsible, also has a brilliant plan to make veteran care and benefits pay for themselves as an adjunct to the Rumsfeld plan.

    John McCain has promised that those conscripted will be offered the option to “bounty out” of military service. For the nominal sum of $10,000 thousand dollars every 18 months, a conscript will be able to postpone military service. For $25,000 a conscript will be permanently exempt from military service.

    John McCain has affirmed that the funds raised in this way will pay for all veterans’ benefits, plus fund the slimed down, modernized, version of the G.I. Bill of Rights currently under consideration by the responsible party and our President. There will be enough money left over to further reduce that tax burden of deserving Americans (we know that “Trickle Down” works and has always worked!)

    John McCain also has a plan to empty out our prisons and make valuable use of the human waste that we are paying millions a day to keep in custody. We’ll get into that plan next time!

    Until then VOTE MCCAIN!

    We will never surrender to the Iraqis! We will never surrender to the Iranians!
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