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McCain’s “War on Terror” Remix
Posted on April 3rd, 2008 by The Real News -

More at The Real News Network does a first take on McCain's foreign policy . 

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    Why Does Bush Keeps Bringing Up Hitler and WWII ?

    Hitler wanted to make his perfect world by rule/war (The SS Etc.)
    Bush wants to make his perfect world by rule/war (Democracy-Christianity)

    Iran to Bush is like the United States to Hitler.
    Both have stopped an evil Nazi thinker from creating his world rule.

    The terrorist’s main objective was not to kill Americans during 911
    The terrorist’s have stated that their main objective is to create economic downfalls for the United States !

    This was not accomplished alone
    Bush handed them this VICTORY by spending/borrowing money from China etc. for a false pretense war/revenge/Nazi movement in the middle east.


    Now he wants to attack the country that has been the success in stopping him. (Iran)
    Just as Hitler wanted to attack the United States and anyone else in his way
    The biggest problem with Americans is most Americans actually think we are the good guys.
    Hitler had his countries minds in the palm of his hands also.

    I am saddened to be an American ruled by this evil Dictator/Republican/Administration
    When did Republicans turn to Nazism ?
    31% approval rating (Who are these people ?)
    Let me guess ! ( Mostly misguided American Christians and Jews )and the easily manipulated

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    Everything that comes out of the mouths of the members of this maladministration ia a study in cynicism and cant hypocrisy. This bunch of gangsters would have us believe that it is Iran that is guilty of aggression in Iraq, not the US. They're using the same old lies, repeated ad nauseam,as they did at the start of the Iraqi fiasco, and similarly, they are aided and abetted by a compliant media. One way or another, they are determined to plunge the world into another war because they are irrational fundemantalists, just like the people the want to visit this calamity on.
    They must be stopped and it is getting more and more imperative every day, as their fingers are itching on the trigger. Crazies!!
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