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Media’s Double Standard on McCain’s Bigotry
Posted on March 17th, 2008 by jessehaff -

From JedReport:

Last fall, John McCain said that he wanted a Christian to be president because he felt that the Christian faith was a better guide than other faiths. He also said that his faith was an important part of his qualification to lead, adding that the United States Constitution established America as a Christian nation.

Leave aside for the moment whether John McCain's religious bigotry is acceptable in modern America.

Instead, ask yourself what the media would have done if Jeremiah Wright had uttered those words, especially if he had been talking about race instead of religion?

What if Barack Obama himself had said them?

Yet when John McCain spews religious bigotry during the middle of a presidential campaign, the media barely paid his comments any attention whatsoever.

And then a few months later, when the conservative propaganda outlet FOX News plays old archive footage of Barack Obama's pastor (not Barack Obama himself) delivering a hateful sermon, all the sudden it's the biggest issue in politics.

That, my friends, is bias. There is a double standard — and Barack Obama is not the beneficiary.

Now, to be fair to John McCain, subsequent to the interview, said that he would vote for a non-Christian if he felt that a non-Christian was in all respects the best candidate. But has not Barack Obama explained that he rejects what Jeremiah Wright said?

And unlike John McCain, Barack Obama repudiated all aspects of Wright's bigotry. McCain merely clarified the obvious: that his religious bigotry was just one element of his decision-making process.

Apparently, according to the media, you can partially reject your own words — but if you completely reject someone else's, there must be a bigger, deeper story.

Does it make any sense to you? Me neither.

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