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McBush on the Economy: The Same Old Thing
Posted on March 14th, 2008 by ZP Heller -

Americans United for Change just released this video.  There's no denying the similarities between Bush and McCain.  And there's no denying that we're headed into a recession, whether or not you believe our "fundamentals are strong."


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    so were a nation of whiners?
    here is my whine:
    people like gramm is part of the reason this nation is in a economic crisis. with the exception of the rich. the poor & middle class are in recession, the rich are just in "a rough patch" as bush says. during the 8 years of king George's reign and with the republican's in charge of congress our republican lawmakers took $$ from corporate & financial institutional lobbyists to deregulate
    or relax rules of how they do business. when the new bankruptcy laws took effect to protect these financial institutions from defaulting consumers they went gangbusters on predatory lending. republican lawmakers erased the regulations that were in place to protect the American consumer from these vultures. so who do our republican lawmakers work for? certainly not for joe-six pack. obviously they work for the highest bidder while collecting salaries at taxpayer expense. there's a phrase we poor folks have for that. anyone ever hear of a "corporate whore"? that's the part of our congress that's so disgusting. bush's tax cuts have provided economic growth,, but only for the rich. God help our economy if mcsame gets elected. another corporate whore.
    obama is our only hope from mcsame pounding in the final nails of our economic coffin.
    time to throw the bums out of office!
    obama 08!!!!
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