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Posted on January 6th, 2008 by GottaLaff -

Tim Russert interviewed John McPain on Press the Meat. Once again, here are my patented, award-winning, internationally-recognized quick-notes that come with the following disclaimer: They're notes, not transcripts. Anything in quotes is a quote. Anything not in quotes is paraphrased. Both are representative, but not all-inclusive. For that, go to the NBC transcript. These are highlights. Disclaimer over.

On Bush: I criticize him but we haven't had another attack since 9/11. "He unites us." It's all Rummy's fault, because I don't want to be too harsh on Bush.

On tax cuts:  "I was a foot soldier in the Reagan revolution." Tim: But you voted against tax cuts. McPain: We need to make tax cuts permanent. We also need spending cuts. Tim: But your vote didn't include spending cuts. McP: Non-responsive. Mentioned Reagan again.

On immigration: "No one can be rewarded for illegal behavior." "You round 'em up and you find 'em…What's the choice?"  Secure the borders, fine them, have a temporary worker program along with tamper-proof [?] biometric I.D. systems and electronic documentation. I "won't deport 80-year-old grandmothers."  

On Willard Romney:  "He's a good man…a good family man…He's changed his position on nearly every major issue."  This isn't personal. Tim: Would you support him if he won? McP: I'd support the nominee of my party. And I won't run as an Independent.

On Osama Bin Laden and Musharraf: "I'll get him." We passed up opportunities. I'll improve human intelligence…Blending them into the culture isn't easy. Musharraf and I "have a relationship that goes back years." "Sure he can be trusted!…He's a good man!" He "made mistakes!" "He's a very smart man."

On Iraq and his 100-year remark:  "If Americans aren't dying" it's fine to stay in Iraq. "It's not American presence, it's American casualties" that bother Americans. Tim: So permanent bases are acceptable? McP: "If necessary."  Re, the surge: "I was right."

On voting to authorize the war: Hussein was still a threat, U.S. planes were shot at every day [here's why]. "It wasn't whether we went in, my friend, it was how it was handled." I'd still go in. "The 'war', the mission was not a mistake. The handling was a mistake." 

Did I mention I have a lot of experience? 

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