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John McCain’s Acting Crazy Again
Posted on September 15th, 2007 by cliffschecter -

You know, I try and give a guy credit for doing the right thing in criticizing Crying John Boehner. And then he has to go and get all Pinochet on us again. What gives?

This time, the good Senator from Arizona, in referring to Moveon's oh so mean advertisement about General Petraeus, publicly opined that members of Moveon "ought to be thrown out of this country."

Ok, Krushchev.

Then he had this to say during a 9/11 event:

"The important thing about Sept. 11 is that it not be repeated," McCain told reporters after the event. "And if we leave Iraq, then it will be repeated."

Yup, there he goes again. Hey Einstein, perhaps you should look at NIE or listen to virtually every non-Neocon compromised foreign policy expert who say that this ill-conceived and tragic war in Iraq has stopped us from defeating the actual terrorists who want to come here and kill us.

Finally, there is the honorable John McCain, the man who made sure everone knew he condemned negative campaigns and in particular the Swift Boat liars. Yeah, he's now going around campaigning with one of their most public members.

John McCain: Still Crazy After All These Years

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    It's not an act...
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    John, here is my take on you: 58,000 paid the ultimate price and you are still alive. You might of been a prisoner of war of a war your president cut and ran on. I hope that you don't consider him a hero because you sure kiss a lot of his butt. I know you are trying to stay on the good side of his political machine so you might get elected/ The citizens of AZ and America want the money back of all the days you have missed. Az can't even call you the senator from this fine state. You are not doing your job and I want to fire you as our representative in the senate.
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    The Arizona Republic, true to form criticized about their mean comment against a general is unnecessarily causing the deaths of my fellow American soldiers. I'm not surprised after all this newspaper along with USA TODAY is owned by Gannet inc.

    Leonard Clark
    The Damn Liberal
    Persian Gulf/Iraq War Occupation III Vet
    Chairman of the John Mccain and Jon Kyl Recall Committees
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    And don't even think you're going to use the Moveon ad to help your pathetic campaign loser!
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    Confidential, McCain inter-office memo, Political Strategy Session:
    (not really :)
    As you know, our guy (McCain) has been getting his ass handed to him on an Arizona Copper platter because his opponents have found that every time his name is mentioned with the queen (George W. Bush)that his ratings drop through the floor. We therefore, his advisors (the flying monkeys)have decided to "turn lemons into lemonade"

    We will now not only dress our candidate in sissy shorts to make him look more high class but we will also go out of our way to make sure that his name is indeed mentioned with Queen George at every available oppurtunity. Of course, this means our boy John must also do his best to save George Bush's reputation long enough, so that he can save his own. This means, that the failure of success of queen George will also determine to a large extent the success or failure of our boy John McCain.

    Secondly, Our man McCain has to salvage some shred of dignity when he finally returns to his adopted state of Arizona. It follows that if he were to return "like a dog with his tail between his legs" that he wouldn't have one penny of political influence left. He and we, therefore, have no choice but to perpetuate and grow the myth of "Fight'in John McCain", for all of our political futures are counting on it. Never mind that his failure to speak the truth and help bring our soldiers home from the lie that we call the occupation of Iraq is actually directly abetting the neglegent killing of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians. No, in this way our man can always say: You see my fellow Americans, I never gave up the fight ! Of course, he's not doing the fighting, just the talking on his special pedestial of self-righteousness.

    This will be a "win, win" for all of us (his advisors). Either way, we win by helping Johnny on his quest to attain "the robe" of the American presidency . Even if he loses, we will indirectly be helping to save our jobs in the future because, we are helping our boy John McCain to needlessly extend this illegal occupation of Iraq long enough to put the blame on the democrats in the next set of elections for any withdrawal from Iraq. Of course, this will work marvelously for us because many of our Republican masters will be relected based on this lie and we will all have political jobs(with all the perks) waiting for us.

    Once again, we will be able to use the old time and tested trick that the fascist used not long after the end of WWI that it was those "damned back stabbing politicians" (democrats) on the home front who betrayed the soldiers of their ultimate victory. Overall, therefore, the prognosis looks very good for us, because who knows our man might even be able to pull an upset of the century by stealing the next presidential election.

    Just remember, always have John condemn all those as enemies of the state who critize him and George Bush and always remind him to mindlessly mouth the words: "No Surrender" because his political future must have blood to flourish.

    Also, We've got our friendly newspaper down here in Phoenix, to publish McCain worshipping articles every day on the front page. What would we ever do without the Arizona Republic newspaper constantly trying to build John McCain into a god daily ?
    Also, we're still working on our secret intimidation and terror campaign against anyone who dares speak out against Johnny but we don't even dare yet write about that. We'll all arrange to use CIA headquarters courtesy of our other great buddy Dick Cheney.

    Well, hope all of you across the country are making sure to burn or shred this memo after having read it. But then again, does it really matter ? No one can stop us now.
    McCain's Political Advisors
    Note: this is just a work of fiction (or is it really ?)

    Sent to you courtesy of the damn liberal
    Leonard Clark
    Persian Gulf/ Iraq Occupation III Vet
    Chair of the Bloody John McCain Recall Campaign
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    Oh John! Just when I think I couldn't possibly get any more depressed with all this death and destruction, here you come to cheer me up with your silly shennanigans. You ol' crazy thing you!
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    Bloody John McCain, how dare you threaten to exile all those who disagree with you from this country. Declare a damn war before you start accusing people of betraying this nation. You and your Neo-Con blood money Bush loving friends will not attain your victory of monarchy and oligarchy over our system of government.
    You have blood on your hands, by condemning my fellow soldiers to 15 month tours in an occupation where your King George Bush negotiates with the Sunni and Shia enemy who murder my fellow soldiers. Bring home my fellow soldiers now and let them defend the country that loves them not a bunch of people in a country thousands of miles away who have repeatedly said that they want us the hell out of their country ! Oh yeah, but I forgot you and your blood money corporate friends who are literally making a killing of my fellow soldiers blood would stop making their profits of death.
    Were not going to drink your damn Kool-Aid Johnny and you can tell that to your war criminal friend the Reverend Jim... no the Reverend George Bush.
    Leonard Clark
    Chairman of the John McCain Recall Committee
    Persian Gulf/ Iraq Occupation III Vet
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