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How the McCain campaign imploded
Posted on July 14th, 2007 by jgilliam -

Front page in today's Washington Post.  Basically, infighting at the top of the campaign that McCain didn't really take seriously at first, just festered until the whole thing blew up. 

Geez, and I thought this only happened in Democratic campaigns.

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    From the campaign of Americans for Love and Peace:
    to recall John McCain and Jon Kyl (senators from Arizona):

    Corporate Toadie, sellout to my fellow American soldiers in Iraq, sellout to Habeas Corpus, sell out to American sovereignty and Flip-Flopper.
    I plead with the citizens of New Hampshire here from the beautiful state of Arizona to please not drink the Kool-Aid that John McCain is offering. He will tell you anything to attain what he believes is "the Robe" of the American presidency.
    I have personally met this man at protest and he surrounds himself with those who strongly back the North American Union and the NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT treaties all treaties of death and enslavement for workers around the world.

    Please contact us to help bring back our sovereignty and our Democratic Republic from the brink of destruction our phone number is: 602-423-6300, email: [email protected] ,
    Leonard Clark
    Chair of the John McCain and Jon Kyl Recall Committees.
    Persian Gulf/Iraq Occupation III vet
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