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Headzup: John McCain’s Swift Boat Fundraiser
Posted on July 1st, 2007 by headzup -

Vietnam Vet John McCain responds to questions of his fundraiser hosted by Swift Boater, Paul Galanti. Read about it here-

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    It all boils down to what Reagan did in 1988 bowing to pressure from the right: "Abolishing the Fairness Doctrine". This allowed channels like Fox News and Rush Limbaugh to exist. Ninety two percent (92%) of radio talk show hosts are right wing persuasion. Public airwaves belong to the public and the fairness doctrine must be restored. Insist that the presidential candidates promise to restore the fairness doctrine and to bust the 5 media monopolies which control our thought process.
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    Jeez. How in the hell can he stand himself? What a money grubbing unprincipled political whore.
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    By the way, Micael Ware a correspondent for CNN was on tonight and he and some sell-out retired one star general basically were barely contested on their assertion that we have to stay in Iraq, except in fairness the other correspondent at the Pentagaon gave a quick counter point.
    I got news for you folks Bush,McCain, Kyl, Graham et. al.. have really f##### up in the Middle East ! Hard core Islamic movements are going to grow whether we like it or not in the Middle East unless we are willing to use Nuclear weapons (which I wouldn't put past these Neo-Con Theocratic, Multi-Corporate sellout Fascists.
    The longer we stay the more damage we are going to do to the interest of our country.
    For those who say we are cutting and running I got news for you: GO FIGHT THE FRIGGIN WORLD YOUR F###### SELVES and stop using my fellow soldiers for cannon fodder you SOB NEO-CON F#### !
    Leonard Clark
    Chair of the Bloody John McCain and
    Jon Kyl Recall Committees
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    Well, well, well. In fairness to bloody John McCain there are alot of politicians who are for staying in Iraq. The only reason Republicans loathe McCain so much is that he dared to vote for the immigration bill.
    Get it, most people don't give a damn about what's going on in Iraq the only thing they care about is illegal aliens but American soldiers dying in a occupation for a bunch people who hate us, well, that's not as important but oh, GOD how dare McCain vote for the immigration bill.
    Leonard Clark
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