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McCain Spokeswoman Declares McCain and Palin Unfit to Run a Business
Posted on September 16th, 2008 by ZP Heller -

Earlier today, McCain economic adviser and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina said Sarah Palin was not qualified to run a major company like HP.  She has since clarified her comments on MSNBC, now claiming she doesn't think McCain, Palin, Obama, or Biden could run a major corporation.  

You know you're unfit to run the nation's economy when a spokeswoman for your own campaign (with a business background) goes on national tv and claims you're not even qualified to run a business!  It's becoming increasingly clear that the McCain campaign has no grasp of the economy whatsoever. 

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    Jeeez looks like its not only in Nam that McCain is stepping on mines. Seems like Palin dragged too much crap with her when she was announced as his running mate. Now I never supported his babble (read cause) but I'm starting to feel sorry for him. Not only is he confused but Sarah Palinis not making it easier on him... she is dumb and removed from reality.

    Here she goofs again today too. When you try to outsmart, make sure you think everything through. Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account has been recently breached... no big deal? Unfortunately, it is a big deal especially when Governor Palin routed everything through Yahoo Mail so she didn't have to comply with the retention policies of her officially assigned e-mail.

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    exactly's exciting to watch mccain allow other people make him look foolish, the more the merrier! i hope he continues to listen to the advice of others, like carly. hey, she was fired by HP! she was great to come out and tell the world that mccain, palin, obama or clinton (in that order) aren't fit to run a nice for mccain! i hope he keeps carly! she's good for mccain...
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    More than a year ago, as I read the bio on Carly Fiorina, and issues going on at HP at the time, it became clear that this person simply was not qualified to run a company such as HP. I left a comment at the time that I personally wouldn't hire her to pick up abstracts. Well, lets just say, that most lawyers are familiar with the job of picking up abstracts. Nevertheless, even as minor a task as this would be, I noted that she could not be trusted and most likely in my opinion, would be leaving HP shortly once folks there got a belly full of her. Now, here she is once again, doing the same thing, different product but similar conditions. If John McCain doesn't start getting it together and realize that the American citizen is simply tired of seeing other people make him look foolish, he's on the train heading south. There's no excuse like a poor excuse, and there's certainly no reason for John McCain to continue if he's unable to step up to the plate and begin to listen to himself on what he knows to be the right things to do. Rather, it appears that he continues to listen to the advice of others when continuing to make poor decisions and choices that he's made thus far. If it continues, he'll loose his chances of winning in November. It's unfortunate that Senator McCain still doesn't get it.
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    I'm gonna fire Carly.
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    As I approached the meeting room - where Carly Fiorina was to speak this evening. The words " CANCELLED " were placarded upon the event.

    It is so indicative... The word - " Cancelled " what a failed political movement the republican shama have become and in such a public and factual way. Their family values are a mockery. Their ethics espouse the very definition of hypocrisy. Their morals are comompletely absent. I'll bet there is one republican somewhere... Actually thinking to themselves " It would be nice to have some of that Iraq/Afghanistan money ( hundreds of billions ) now!

    Carly Fiorina's Father was a federal judge. She is one of the annointed ones. She is so arrogant and self-absorbed, that she actually turn=coated her own! In a vain attempt to let the world know that it was her, that should have been knighted by her diseased superior (mccshame) into the VP slot. Then, as in business, as in the board-room, she went after Mccshame himself, in revealing to the world that - he also could not lead a company through it's paces to further vindicate the fact that she was not voted CEO/VP material.

    The republican nazi party is a listing shipwreck, being played out before a world-wide-audience.

    Sarah Palin's interview with Charlie Gibson was so rife and evidenced with Ms. Palin's inexperienced drunkeness, that it brings about true astounding fear, given two addendums to the issue.

    #1 Mccshames true health realities with-held from the American people.

    #2 The mental state of the mindless robotic republican children of the corn, that line up to support and vote for such a vile embarrassment and his caustic air-head Vice presidential nomination.

    Just begin chanting " Not for a hundred years... "

    No matter who gets into office - we must authorize the most far reaching recriminations known to the medieval world upon the republican party for it's treasonous crimes upon the United States of America and beyond!
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    Good thing she is gone, I saw that over 20,000 people are out at HP. HEY, CAN ANYONE OUT THERE MAKE A VIDEO OF SARAH PALIN STICKING OUT HER TONGUE. She does it at least 10 times every speech. IT DRIVES ME NUTS!!
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    fiorina got fired...and she walked away with a CEO package...$$$$$$$$$$$$...
    once she gives it back to the people that lost it she may have a smidgen of credibility...
    now...she has less than nil...'ll probably get "saved" like colson ..
    what an amazing world we live in when it appears so difficult to "tell the truth" randy pausch..."The Last Lecture"...
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    Wasn't Fiorina a failure at HP? The best I remember they basically fired her and bought out the remainder of her "contract".
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    News: HP is a company that has gone ahead and laid off a bunch of workers, reported yesterday. Would Fiorina approve of this and how does this reflect the path we've been on in America?
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