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John McCain just doesn’t know
Posted on June 15th, 2007 by jgilliam -

 More "straight talk."   Clips from his appearance on ABC This Week.

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    Not only does John McCain sell out my fellow soldiers in Iraq by not speaking out their continued slaughter in that unspeakable lie we call the occupation of Iraq, he sells out America by supporting this new slave bill, they call immigration reform, which will only serves to continue the great weakening of American sovereignty and American workers rights. Last bu not least, he favors medical healthcare reform that only enriches his corporate medical insurance friends while impovershing and killing Americans.
    John McCain, you are one of the corporate political sell outs who, like your buddies George Bush and Dick Cheney, who sleep in the bed of the Saud Royal family and other foreigners who gleefully work to enslave our nation the United States of America.
    Leonard Clark
    Chair of the John McCain and Jon Kyl Recall Committees
    phone: 602-423-6300 [email protected]
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