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McCain puts soldiers lives at risk for a photo op
Posted on April 2nd, 2007 by jessehaff -

Beyond the 100 soldiers, 3 Black Hawks and 2 Apache Helicopters used for protection while Senator McCain walked through a Baghdad neighborhood, he also had soldiers who swept the area before they even showed up.

As Larry Johnson at No Quarter puts it: John McCain put American soldiers lives at risk for a photo op.

From No Quarter:

Why didn’t they do a ride along on a real patrol? Perhaps they could have joined the U.S. team that responded to an ambush of an American patrol yesterday? Of course a total of six U.S. soldiers died in that operation. Shit! You can’t take real risks. No sir. Instead, U.S. military resources are devoted to making propaganda. U.S. soldiers were ordered into harms way just to ensure a congressional delegation could walk around, look serious, and perpetuate the lie that more U.S. soldiers must come to Iraq and die. That was a propaganda event and fucking General Petraeus ought to be ashamed.

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    last week a few constituents went to mccains office to offer our coments (dc-office)
    We are deeply saddened with this misadventure in IRAQ real leadership requires intergrity- pursuit of
    peace would be beneficial to our nat'l security
    arizona deserves GOOD GOVERNANCE OVER
    the campaign trail journey...and the big talk
    no results...MCCAIN WHAT ever happened to
    your humainty

    he should know we are not happy with his
    weak leadership- i offered prayers
    prayers for mccain to have a conscience
    SUPPORT our TROOPS in more than rhetoric
    posturing for political gain with
    are so finished with politics as usual!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You are retarded for saying all that dumb stuff
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    Hi Liz! I know you!
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    it is absolutely shameful Mccain puts our troops in harms way every month on the campaign trail!
    our troops,the military heros, our country,his constituents deserve a real leader that does more than run his mouth with propaganda andf lies
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    These comments only reinforcee the reasons for the recall. I need you guys on board even if it is for one dollar to help print the petitions. AFIAJ, c/o PO Box 7878, Surprise, AZ 853740114. If in AZ, call either 602-300-8851 or 602-423-6200. That's William Crum or Leonard Clark, respectfully.
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    This item from the Times of London is relevant.

    ... The latest massacre of Iraqi children came as 21 Shia market workers were ambushed, bound and shot dead north of the capital. The victims came from the Baghdad market visited the previous day by John McCain, the US presidential candidate, who said that an American security plan in the capital was starting to show signs of progress. ...
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    And interestingly, the "insurgents" (definition: anyone who doesn't like US soldiers occupying their country) bombed the same market killing 14 people, including a baby.

    So now McCain is sort of indirectly responsible for even MORE people including a child.

    Nice piece of work isn't he?

    That's what photo ops are for.
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    Johnny, I read that only an Army photog and a 60 Minutes crew were there to document it. The 60 Minutes story runs Sunday.

    I hope they report that insurgents rounded up and killed some of the people who were at the market that day.
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    Weathervane McCain's unrestrained buffoonery has had at least one positive effect. Two members of my extended family used to think that McCain should be the next president. Now, they have arrived at the conclusion that McCain is as big a fool as George W Bush.
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    I'd like to hear the story behind why there are no photos of McCain's army? Were no non approved photographers allowed?
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    what a joke this guy has become. He really thinks we're all stupid, doesn't he? I think it's time for a new game show: "Are You More Desperate Than John McCain?" Contestants will be matched up against the various ways in which McCain has debased himself in order to curry favor with various GOP constituencies. Those who are willing to sink lower than Sen. McRoadrage will win $1 million. It is thought that the prize is so high because no one will actually win it, since there really isn't much lower than the depths to which McCain will sink in order to kiss GOP ass.
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    Well, Well, Johnny Bloody McCain rides into Baghdad with his monarchist, militarist sympathizers and says everything is better now. Well, when I was stationed in Iraq (and more specifically Baghdad) last year if I and my fellow American soldiers had huge land and air forces protecting us as we drove into Baghdad I'm sure we could have lied and said: "We didn't get attacked everything's better now.

    What arrogant, murderous fiends! Would someone please tell these liars that a theocratic government that routinely secretly backs and funds Shiite death and torture squads (whom, by the way we have trained so well are now killing my fellow soldiers) is running Iraq? Six soldiers died in Iraq, what difference does it make whether my fellow soldiers died in Baghdad or in another Iraqi province? Long ago, in this ill-gotten "lied into" occupation high ranking officers knew that even if you lowered the killing in one province it would just manifest itself by popping up into another area.
    The Iraqi government's Shiite elements and the Saudi-backed Sunnis (You know the same Saudi Royal family whom the Bush's are practically in bed with and with whom the interests of the American people are compromised)are just laying low.

    We are only one in a long line of conquerers that pre-date Alexander the Great. The Iraqis are shrewdly intelligent people and they are only playing us off for as long as possible to take as much of our tax money as they can (as exhibited by the largely unaccounted for billions of American tax dollars -no doubt somewhere in Omani or Swedish bank accounts.)
    Meanwhile, my fellow American soldiers are played off like expendable G.I. Joe dolls to these liars like John McCain and our great Democratic governor Janet Napolitano who says: we're making progress in Iraq and I'm not yet ready to advocate for a troop withdrawal from Iraq. And who cares? The three ring circus goes on in Washington, where all they can talk about is how much money their raising for their egotisical presidential campaigns.
    You want my vote? Of course not, but I'll tell you what you need to do: Call for the immediate withdrawal of my fellow American soldiers from Iraq!
    John McCain, you are a flip-flopper and I never thought I would say that you and governor Janet Napolitano are "birds of a feather" when it comes to the illegal occupation of Iraq and the needless deaths of my fellow American soldiers.

    Leonard Clark (the Damn Liberal)
    Persian Gulf/Iraq War III Vet
    Chair of the John "Bloody" McCain recall committee
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