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Jeff Jarvis sees the power of The Real McCain
Posted on February 12th, 2007 by jessehaff -

Journalist Jeff Jarvis recently blogged about the power of projects such as The Real McCain and spoke about it on CNN last night. He mentions how blogger Ken Layne famously warned media that “we can check your ass,” and now with sites like The Real McCain, politicians are warned that “their asses are getting fact-checked too.”

He writes:

“With Outfoxed, his movie about Fox News, and his latest film about Wal-Mart, Greenwald learned the power of viral distribution — and that was before YouTube. Now he can get his story spread far and wide by sympathetic voters on the internet. As of today, the McCain video has had 155,000 views on YouTube — that’s the size of the audience for an MSBNC show — not to mention coverage in papers and on TV. This is a powerful, demonstrative, visible tool.”

Read the full post.

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