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Posted on February 1st, 2007 by jessehaff -

In addition to the McCain camp taking notice this project, conservative journalist Andrew Sullivan blogs today about the power of viral video and calls our John McCain vs. John McCain video “brutal”.

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    It has become obvious, reading the news, the blogs, the columns, that Mr. McCain has decided to become a candidate who suffers. His whole life and existence is based upon the fact that he was a pilot who got shot down and spent time in a Vietnamese P.O.W. prison.
    That's it - that's what he's done his whole life...he's made a freaking career out of it.
    Near as I can tell, he hasn't done anything else of merit - and certainly nothing else would qualify him as POTUS.
    Amazing, first we have a President who ducks military service, a VPOTUS with 5 deferments because he had "something else" to do, to be followed potentially by a man who is campaigning that he suffered in a P.O.W. camp.

    What actually DOES constitute a qualification to be POTUS? I sure can't figure it out.
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    > But he simply wants criticism from the
    > Democrats to have some kind of
    > legitimate solution or merit.

    Democrats have given these Republican butchers plenty of viable, moral, workable alternatives to the continued war crime atrocities the Bush regime is committing -- not the least of which is enacting the various Recommendations that the Iraqi study group enumerated, and not the least of which includes acting on the 911 Commission's Recommendations.

    These terrorist mother fuckers can simply walk away and just stop their crimes against humanity. Declare victory and flee, just like the United States did in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Korea, and just like the Soviet Union did in Afghanistan.

    These terrorist rightard mother fuckers _won't_ stop their atrocities because the only reason they invaded an innocent country and raped, torture, and/or murdered half a million innocent people is because they thought they would just walk in and seize control of their oil.

    It didn't work out that way: the people of Iraq decided to defend themselves, their homes, their children, and their country.

    And McCain -- in his cupport for this terrorist regime's continued atrocities -- is just as much a traitor against the American people as all the rest.

    My opinions only and only my opinions.
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    I guess the truth is "brutal" sometimes. Too bad. The "maverick" and "independent" of the Republican party should be able to handle it.
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    While I agree McCain flip-flops like most politicians I have to say your video title "St. McCain says shut up!" is a bit misleading. Maybe a lot misleading because he isn't really telling anyone to shut up. He is simply saying we should get behind the president. He does not disagree about criticism in general. But he simply wants criticism from the Democrats to have some kind of legitimate solution or merit. He's sort of right on this. [No pun intended]. If you are going to criticize and you are in Washington then you need to have solutions.
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    Mr. McCain truly expects to hear only what he thinks is right. Aside from being simply a Bush Clone, he has a basic personality disorder common to many Republican politicians, the idea that you are always right no matter how many innocent people you kill.

    I hope that this blog (among others) will show people just what this McCain creature really "is". You cannot believe what you see or hear if you have only begun to listen. You must go to the past and parse his past statements and flipflops.

    I believe he is insane.
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    Now we see this McClain clown trying to distance himself from his support of the rape, torture, and slaughter of half a million innocent Iraqis -- half of whom were under the age of 17.

    Apparently Republicans feel they can advocate torture, rape, and murder and when their Party falls out of favor, "blast" the murdering butchers that pulled the trigger while acting on orders from their Republican Fuhrer.

    Outrageous. Just what the fuck does McCain want people to believe he's for and believe what he's against?

    Pick _ONE_ alternate personality, McCain, and stick with it.

    My opinions only and only my opinions.
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