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McCain’s Million Dollar Parking Lot
Posted on August 27th, 2008 by robertgreenwald -

Not only does John McCain have at least 10 properties he can't remember, but he also owns a parking lot in Phoenix Arizona worth between $1.4 and $2.4 million. That's over $1 million more than the average American home!

It's no wonder McCain has said time and time again that the "fundamentals of the economy are strong."  He's living in the land of affluence, and has no concept of just how terrible our economy has become under President Bush.  According to the U.S. Census, 37.3 million people were living in poverty in 2007.  45.7 million (15.3 percent of the population) don't have health insurance—a staggering number that has risen by 6 million since Bush took office in 2001.  And yet McCain extols Bush's economy and proposes his own policies that would sink our country further into debt.

AFL-CIO President John Sweeney said that when it comes to the economy,

"I think John McCain is wrong. He doesn’t even know how many homes he has. … We’ve seen the McCain position as just a continuation of the Bush Administration. It’s President Bush’s policies that got us into the mess that we have now. And it’s not only a short term crisis, it’s long term and it has to be addressed. Workers are having a tough time. The wage inequality that’s out there is unbelievable, and health care and retirement security are threatened. Those are some of the reasons that we’re not supporting John McCain."

When we launched McCain's Mansions, you recognized that McCain is out of touch with hard-working Americans.  That's why you spread it around and got the mainstream media to take notice and question McCain on this issue.  It exposed McCain for the elitist he really is, and turned our ailing economy into a number one issue for Democrats. 

Now's your chance to keep the economy front and center by spreading McCain's Million Dollar Parking Lot.  Let everyone know that while the majority of Americans are struggling to make mortgage payments and pay for necessities like health insurance and gas, John McCain has a parking lot worth $1 million more than the average home.    

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    Look who's talking about socialisim, none other than Gov Palin who not too long ago was patting herself on the back for ... taxing the oil companys in Alaska and sending every Alaskan a check from those taxes .... I am totaly confused !
    looks like the repubs are exposing their own shell game and it is coming back to bite em on the butt !
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    Well, lets see, Senator McCain continues to believe that the economy is basically sound. Right?, and his solution to our current economic situation is to form a commission (in November?, this year?) when he becomes President?, then we as American citizens wait.. what? perhaps another 6-8 months for findings from this "commission"? and then what? The truth is.. most of us Americans who find ourselves living from pay check to pay check, attempting to feed our families, pay for our mortgage, cover our medical needs are getting further and further behind each and every month, slowly going broke. I have to say it, Senator McCain still doesn't get it!! I believe Senator McCain is a good person, however 25+ yrs. in the Senate and a military career of 30 yrs. ago, doesn't qualify him to be President of the United States. We need someone in the White house with a little bit of good old common horse sense. Senator McCain's continued poor judgment and the choices he continues to make at the advice of others will eventually cost him the election.
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    You are correct on a couple counts. First I should have been less insulting to the lad. I'll take that hit.

    You are also correct that many people are two-faced on Government with "don't tax me, but give me what I think I deserve".

    But that isn't me or my philosophy.

    And Buffet is a hypocrite. He uses the tax code to his benefit, but expects others to pick up the slack.

    And don't lay the Wall Street mess solely on Bush, because that is intellectually dishonest. All of Washington is at fault. Fanny and Freddy lay directly at the feet of the Democrats, that's a fact.

    Tis I,

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    Gee Otis, What's up your ass? Warren Buffet SUPPORTS taxation of the rich and ultra rich. He is totally game with paying his part, it's the small price for prospering in a great country like ours.

    If you're sick of money diversion, you must be voting for Obama. There's no way McCain is going to straighten out the mess Bush created when he and Cheney dismantled banking and consumer protections in place since the Great Depression. Banks and investment companies are failing, but all the top brass made their money a couple of years ago and now taxpayers and investors are going to bear the brunt. Bears & Stern was bailed out, which means Bush puffed taxpayer dollars into the golden parachutes before the whole mess was sold off. McCain has his nose so far up the asses of the establishment, he says at 10am that the fundamentals of our economy are strong, and then says at 3pm that those fundamentals are in bad shape.

    Palin is a puppet: cute on the outside and empty on the inside. Right now she's being briefed by the same neocon con men behind Bush: William Kristol to name the first and foremost. She's a blank slate who parrots everything she's told, because she wants to look informed.

    I'm sick of people who want something for nothing. On one hand you hear people saying, "Don't tax us, we'll take care of ourselves." Then when there's a disaster, everyone asks, "Where's the government to rescue us, feed us, bail us out?"

    Why are you so condescending to a 23-year-old entrepreneur who appears to have achieved more than most 40- and 50-year-olds?

    So, Otis, stop being an old TOOL!
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    Warren Buffet supports Dems because he wants other people's money spent on social programs, instead of his own.

    Why not ask Mr Billions why he does not take a salary commensurate with his position at Berkshire Hathaway? Hmm??

    I'll tell you why, little 23 year old entrepreneur, because he lives off dividends from his holdings, which gives him enormous financial advantage over having to declare taxable income. That's why, junior.

    Nothing illegal about it at all, but I find it laughable that he is then more than pleased to allow Big Brother to take from you and me to make of for the shortfall he and guys like him create through money diversion.

    So there you go, kid. Next time do your own research after you get the DNC daily talking pints memos.

    Up yours,

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    There are many rich people who devote themselves to public service. That is true. John McCain is just not one of those people.

    McCain was a war hero 40 years ago. Since then what has he done to further this country? Don't tell me he has reached across party lines because the biggest accomplishment he has is McCain-Feingold wherein he improved ethics standards for campaign finance. That was over a decade and a half ago. Since then Obama, in less than a year, has passed "the strongest ethics legislation yet"

    So McCain talks about improving finance and spends a decade trying to do it, than Obama makes it better in a year

    AND, one more huge problem. McCain is taking 80+ million of tax payers dollars for his campaign. WHAT THE FUCK. I don't support McCain why the fuck is he taking my money? Many dems pay taxes and don't support mcCain, Why is he taking my money and then smearing my candidate with it?

    That's not honor, that's not fiscal responsibility, that, along with his tax plan and 140 corporate lobbyists that work for him, is nothing other than fascism

    Last point. If you love war, vote for McCain, that's all he knows, that's all he loves.

    Pat Buchanan a Republican even said "McCain will make Dick Cheney look like Gandhi"

    That my friends, is fucking scary.
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    Absolutely...a vote for McCain is a vote for war with Iran!
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    Lets get one thing straight. I own my own company and i own two homes and....I'm 23. This isn't a bragging right it's to show you that not everyone who's rich supports republicans. By the way. The richest Man there is (buffet) is voting for Obama

    You guys have to wake up and understand that Obama doesn't threaten jobs or capitalism. What he threatens are rich people who make obscene amounts of money WHEN the middle class and lower class are starving and losing their homes. It's not communism you dipshits, it's called having a heart. I own real estate, i give credit to John McCain for investing smartly and owning a 2 million dollar parking lot and 7 or 10 or whatever other homes. WHAT I DON'T GIVE CREDIT TO. is a man who proposes a tax plan that saves less than his opponents for 90% of working families. I don't give credit to John McCain who proposes a tax cut that will save him and his wife over $200,000 in tax money every year

    You idiots, you want us to take John McCain's money out of his politics, but John McCain won't take his money out of his politics.

    P.S ~ Based on Obama's tax plan, Obama is going to pay higher taxes based on his plan and save more money based on McCain's plan. THAT'S WHAT DESERVES CREDIT.
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    More of the Shame
    Lies before Honor
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    I had to lol when I read your comment.
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