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John McCain: Typical Politician
Posted on April 3rd, 2006 by jessehaff -

John McCain directly contradicts himself time and time again. On a whole host of issues, John McCain has one stance one week, then has exactly the opposite the next. Catch him if you can!

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    The founders must be rolling over in their graves as we sell America to corporations, robber barons and the far right Christians who don't have a clue what a patriot is or what a Democracy is supposed to be. Our elections are pathetic and these "candidates" might as well be selling soap or cars. Kucinich says what the people want and is a real American and yet he has no chance in hell of becoming pres. The rest are owned and operated by multinational corporations and robber barons who have become this government and also "our" media. My comments are not far left but they are radical which means I am getting to the root and the truth. Check out alternative media sources and realize Fox is a very bad joke, is run by Murdoch who who like to own the world and wouldn't tell the truth if you held a gun to their head. O'reilly? Hanrhatty> Oh please! These un-American pundits say it is fine to torture and war is great but I don't see them signing up or sending their kids off to Iraq. They should try waterboarding, electric shock, sensory deprevation and all the rest they advocate for "detainees" who are usually poor kidnapped farmers.
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