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McCain’s Costly Environmental Flip-Flops
Posted on September 22nd, 2008 by ZP Heller -

While soaring gas prices and the energy crisis are major concerns for Americans, this economic debate is inextricably linked to the environment.  How can we get our country off a crippling dependence on costly oil without considering environmentally safe energy alternatives?  This was the topic of Friday’s Meet the Bloggers, in which environmental journalist Simran Sethi spoke with show host Cenk Uygur about sustainability, as well as the battle between Big Oil and innovation.

Sethi addressed the urgent need to create a green economy, and she recommended tapping into the diversity of natural resources in our country.  Sethi suggested that energy independence is possible if adequate measures are taken immediately, which is why the upcoming election is all the more crucial.

Friday’s show came in conjunction with the launch of our video, McCain’s Green Economy: Drill, Baby, Drill, which we partnered with the League of Conservation Voters to produce.  As the title suggests, Drill, Baby, Drill reveals McCain’s deep ties to Big Oil.  Specifically, McCain has over 22 Big Oil lobbyists advising him, and he received over $1 million dollars from Big Oil for his recent flip-flop on off-shore drilling.  But as Meet the Bloggers guests Kevin Grandia (, Brad Johnson ( and Kate Sheppard ( pointed out, McCain’s abysmal environmental record goes far beyond his recent flip-flops.

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