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Poor Little Rich Man: McCain Can’t Remember How Many Mansions He Has
Posted on August 21st, 2008 by ZP Heller -

When we launched McCain's Mansions on Monday, we revealed how McCain's elitist lifestyle—10 multi-million dollar mansions, flying around the country in his wife's personal jet—has rendered him completely out of touch with hard-working Americans. Not only did the video make a huge splash, commanding over 200,000 views, but it continues to make waves.  The media is now putting McCain on the spot about his uber affluence, and as it turns out, McCain owns so many homes he doesn't even remember how many he owns! 

In an interview with Politico yesterday, McCain couldn't recall just how many homes he has.  "I think — I'll have my staff get to you," McCain said. "It's condominiums where — I'll have them get to you."

Politico claimed McCain owns at least four, but Progressive Accountability declared that the McCains own at least ten properties worth a whopping $13,823,269 (h/t Ari).  As you would expect, the Obama campaign had a field day with McCain's gaffe, whipping together this ad claiming McCain has seven homes, then flashing a picture of the White House as "one house America can't afford to left John McCain move into."

The fact that this total varies ought to baffle McCain even further as the mainstream media frenzy begins.  But whatever the true total is, the bottom line is that McCain has so much wealth he has no concept of money—unless of course it's money from lobbyists and corporations or to buy more mansions.  That's why at Saturday's Saddleback forum McCain ludicrously declared it takes $5 million to move from "middle class" to "rich."  That's why he admitted economics isn't his strong suit and came up with a plan to sink our country even further into debt.  And that's why he can't sympathize with Americans facing foreclosure, soaring gas prices, unemployment, and the daunting costs of health insurance.  None of these problems register when you're living in a solid gold bubble like McCain, or however many gold bubbles he's living in.  

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    if any person does not know the number of homes he/she possesses, then that person is not capable of running this country. We have to have a leader who is capable of keeping TRACK of things such as that.

    additionally, McCain does not have computer skills.


    To lack those skills, ADMIT IT and still seek the highest office in this land is a spit in our faces.

    NO. You, sir, are not qualified at all.
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    I think you all are missing the point of this story. I agree with you it doesnt matter how many homes a political canidate owns or what their wives own. I am not faulting him for that at all.

    What they are trying to say, is well exactly what they said. He doesnt know how many homes he owns, or his 2million $ parking lot...traveling in private jets etc...this just further shows, that he really can not connect with Middle Class and Lower CLass citizens. THE MAN DOESNT KNOW HOW MANY HOMES HE OWNS!!?? AND ADMITTIDLY SAID HE IS NOT VERY GOOD WITH ECONOMICS.

    That is what we should be taking from this, considering we are spending $10 billion a month on a war that will continue for at least another year.

    It is not that John Kerry was married to a rich is that McCain has no real connection with what us as middle/lower class people are going through. I dont fault him for having money...but this day in age where gas prices are over $4 a gallon and people are refusing to go to Dr's b/c of costs...and him saying he doesnt know how many houses he has? No one living in all of these places ever...just clearly shows he doesnt have people like myself in mind when voting on policies and his economic outlook
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    So I find odd that the GOP wants the American people to elect McCain President, when he can't even remember how many homes he has. Further more with the economy being the biggest issue in this election why would we trust senator McCain with America's wallet when by his own brothers admission the men in their family don't handle their own??
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    -Politicians? --rich? NOOOOO

    Please, some real world issues next time.

    BTW Che was from the upper-classes and
    loved them Rolexes under the sleeve of
    the army fatigues. And Castro is one
    of the very richest men in the world
    to this day.

    Bullshit goes all the way around on this
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    Actually, John McBushCain MARRIED within his means. His WIFE has the money, not McBushCAin!
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    I'd love to see someone do an update of the "3:00 a.m. phone call" ad with phones ringing in empty house after empty house, and finally a servant in full maid's uniform answers and says "I'm sorry, the McCains left instructions not to be disturbed."

    Being completely without either creativity or skills, I just thought I'd share the idea with the experts!

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    OH - I forgot to mention that your last presidential nominee for the last election (2004) was "Senator John Kerry" whom married the former Senator Heinz (The Republican senator of (Pittsburgh) Pennsylvania whom was killed in a plane crash) widow heir to the vast $500+ million dollar Heinz (57 brand) ketchup fortune.

    So John Kerry is worth over $500 million - via marriage - just like John Mc Cain is - but KERRY to MUCH MUCH more money than the Mc Cain's have - yet you seem to have/had no problem with John Kerry running for president in 2004 - did you?

    So Both John Kerry-2004 & Hillary Clinton-2008 (worth over $110 million) - both whom are a lot wealthier than the Mc Cains - can run for president!

    So apparently it is ONLY RICH/WEALTHY "REPUBLICANS" that you and the Democrats really have any problem with running for president -

    As it is obviously simply OK for SUPER RICH DEMOCRATS LIKE KERRY & CLINTON TO DO SO!


    You are a "HYPOCRITE"!
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    This gets me soooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad. Who the f* cares if he owns millions of mansions or 1 house. The real issue is THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BOUGHT HOUSES THEY COULD NOT AFFORD and the govt I feel should not bail them out...they are IDIOTS for getting themselves into that situation and if they aren't smart enough to read their contracts...OMG...what pitiful people they are and they should lose their house for being so damn stupid.
    I will support McCain because its not the gov'ts battle at all with the housing crash..its ignorant americans that have screwed themselves!!! You buy what you can afford....I dont expect to buy a Rolls Royce and expect the govt to bail me out when I cant afford the payments and will lose my car.....the AMERICAN PEOPLE need to wake up and not BLAME the Govt or MCCAIN because he was SMART ENOUGH TO BUY WITHIN HIS MEANS!!!!
    Forgive me for not being crazy!!!
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