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Allan H. of Georgia who would ask McCain: "I would ask Senator McCain if he realized that the "Gulf of Tonkin Resolution" that empowered president Lyndon Johnson to escalate the war in Vietnam was a fabrication resulting in over 56,000 deaths of American soldiers and his own imprisonment. I then would ask Senator McCain if he realized that a fabrication such as the "Gulf of Tonkin Resolution" and the fabrication of the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" used to justify our going to war against Iraq destroys whatever credibility the US might have as a responsible government. But I think he would fail both questions."

Ann W. of Virginia who would ask McCain: "When do the anger management classes begin??? And how is it that your rallies are most often a hornet's nest of other angry WASPs ???"

Amy W. of Colorado who would ask McCain: "Senator McCain, you have stated that you would have 45 nuclear power plants built for new energy sources. How would you assure the American public that these would be safer than Three Mile Island and Chernoble, and where would these power plants be built?"

Andrew T.r of Texas who would ask McCain: "I would like to question McCain on his decision making skills in Iraq, specifically how he plans to fund more time, how he plans to get more troops and munition, and how he can resolve the very very very poor, despicable treatment of our veterans when they come home. The VA is having tremendous amounts of trouble doing their job, how does he plan to help specifically???!"

Aron L. of California who would ask McCain: "You wrote in your autobiography that your parents in desperation held you in cold water to stop your tantrums as a child, and that when you were a prisoner of war you twice attempted suicide. Have you participated in psychological therapy to help you get through the effects of the personal traumas which you have revealed to us? Do you believe that such therapy has in the past or could now help you? Have you in the past taken, or are you currently taking, any psychotropic medications? Do you think that these are fair questions to ask of someone who seeks to be the Commander in Chief of the most militarily powerful nation in the world? Why?"

Arthur F. of Florida who would ask McCain: "Senator McCain, during your trips in the Bahamas what was Charles Keating's favorite alcoholic beverage?"

Audrey C. of New York who would ask McCain: "Because I want to know if he earnestly feels like he could represent everyone in this country... not just the people in states that clamor and hoot for him. I would ask him how he and his V.P. pick could help me, a woman from Brooklyn, NY who is struggling to make ends meet and contemplating bringing a child on this earth in the next few years. I would ask how he would make this country a safer, more prosperous place for my future children. How he would make this country a safer, and more prosperous place for me right now."

Bob W. of California who would ask McCain: "Why, when you refer to Senator Obamas plans for Iraq, do you continue to say that he will wave a white flag and surrender? I want you to produce the video of that statement. While we are on the subject of Iraq, you say we will not leave without victory. Please define victory(is it no American deaths for a day/week/month/year? No Iraqi deaths? No suicide bombs?) and tell us who will be signing the surrender/treaty papers for our enemy."

Caelyn N. of Ohio who would ask McCain: "The fact of history has proven that you, Senator McCain, can be dangerously volatile. I would not want you representing this country in civic or foreign affairs considering the military might you would have at his fingertips. What would you do, right now, to prove to the American people that you can and will lengthen your fuse, and change your politics of hate, so as not to blow everything up in the faces of the United States of America?"

Cheryl C. of Texas who would ask McCain: "I would definitly ask about the medical records and his temper, but first i would ask him why, if he is the leader of the "religious right" they are leaving the bible in the dirt and lying, bearing false witness, and breeding hate? i would tell him that i have had men yell at the top of their lungs and shake their fist at me WITH MY SMALL DAUGHTER IN THE CAR WITH ME just because of an obama sticker... does he think hate is good for the country? is it like, the new fuel?"

Chris H. of Rhode Island who would ask McCain: "Sen. McCain, in each of the three debates, polls have shown that Americans feel that you hold contempt for your opponent. Regardless of how you feel about Sen. Obama, millions of Americans witnessed your body language. How can the American people trust you as a diplomat with hostile rogue nations, when you hardly seem to be able to keep your cool with a fellow American?"

Clifford S. of Connecticut who would ask McCain: "Mr. McCain, sir, how did you happen to crash seven different aircraft? That would have certified you as even a worse pilot than Dubya, who at least had the sense to quite BEFORE he cost the taxpayers more than 100 million dollars. [That was then."

Dan F. of Florida who would ask McCain: "Since he is such an expert in the area of warfare and explosives, I would ask McCain WHY he is not the LEAST bit curious as to HOW EXPLOSIVES got placed in the World Trade Center's North & South Towers, and in Building 7(which mysteriously imploded that same day later in the afternoon) which were the REAL cause of the buildings collapsing at nearly the speed of free-fall gravity. The planes striking the two towers were merely a DISTRACTION to create mayhem, and NOTHING struck Building 7. If he is going to BRAG about knowing how to catch Osama Bin Laden, who "planned the attack", then he had better show some leadership in finding out WHO in OUR GOVERNMENT looked the other way to ALLOW the planting of the explosives and the planes to fly right through our national defense system!! They have Bachmann from Minnesota harping about how un-American Obama is for his acquaintance with Ayers, well, how about doing a REAL investigation about the un-Americans that allowed 9-11 to HAPPEN!!"

Dan S. of Maryland who would ask McCain: "Senator McCain, your campaign seems to be poorly organized, undisciplined, and largely ineffective. Why should we expect you to do a better job running the country than you have with your campaign?"

Daniel S. of Missouri who would ask McCain: "Hey John, I'm an English teacher at a Catholic school in Missouri. When we read Animal Farm I teach a unit on Propaganda and tactics such as "repetition, clouding the issue, red herring, star power, bandwagon, doublespeak, poisoning the well, glittering generalities and card stacking". Should I explain to my students that these negative campaign tactics used by the likes of Stalin are effective and should be used if they want to become politicians? Or should I explain that they violate Christs own teaching such as Mathew 7:12 where it says: "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets"?"

David L. of Massachusetts who would ask McCain: "Hey, weren't your Acorn's Man of the Year in 2006?"

Donald L. of Alabama who would ask McCain: "In your opinion what would a President have to do to warrant impeachment?"

Elizabeth M. of Oregon who would ask McCain: "I would ask him why his blonde daughter is at all his rallies, and not his Bangladesh daughter."

Greg B. of Illinois who would ask McCain: "You support The Columbia Free Trade Act. Why won't you agree to basic human rights being written into the deals such as basic labor law enforcement so union organizers are not killed, recognizing minimum wage, no child labor, and at least minimal environmental standards. Exploitation of workers in foreign lands does nothing but fuel hatred of the United States and we are thusly labeled Imperialists. Do you not see that this puts the U.S. in a better international light, helping elevate third-world countries out of poverty by improving wages there, and making it more competitive for U.S. workers? If you believe in the fight against terrorism, surely you agree we cannot continue to exploit other countries?"

Halyn R. of Kentucky who would ask McCain: "How can we truly call you a "Maverick" when you can't stand up to your own supporters to tell them it's not right to call Obama a "Muslim", "Communist", and let people in your rallies scream out to "kill him"?"

J.D. K. of Oregon who would ask McCain: "Senator McCain, In this excerpt from your book: "Worth the Fighting For: A Memoir" you said of your 2000 bid for the Presidency; "I didn't decide to run for President to start a national crusade for the political reforms I believed in or to run a campaign as if it were some grand act of patriotism. In truth, I wanted to be President because it had become my ambition to be President. I was sixty-two years old when I made the decision and I thought it was my one shot at the prize." Is this still case? Are you doing this out of ambition or have you changed since you were 62?"

Jeffrey D. of California who would ask McCain: "Is it true that Leonore Annenberg is a contributor to the McCain campaign? Is it also true that her husband Walter Annenberg was the head of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, the one which BArack Obama sat on with Bill Ayers. If this information is indeed true, wasn't Walter Annenberg also "palling around with terrorists?""

Jim S. of Massachusetts who would ask McCain: "How do you sleep at night?"

Jim N. of Colorado who would ask McCain: "Why did you release your records in a manner that made it virtually impossible to discern the true state of your health?"

Joshua R. of Connecticut who would ask McCain: "How would you explain to students that they need to perform well academically to succeed even though you were 894 out of 900 at the Naval Academy?"

Justin G. of Illinois who would ask McCain: "A two part question: Have you reviewed the website, therealmccain.com? If so, which is your favorite production of yourself? Secondly, why Palin? Please be specific."

Karen D. of Arizona who would ask McCain: "Regarding your comment about "gooks" in your first run for President in 2000, and your refusal to apologize for the reference, do you use this term for all Orientals, or just the North Vietnamese--and, if you think of all Orientals as "gooks", how do you think the Chinese (who hold about $1 trillion of our debt) will see that?"

Karen B. of Washington who would ask McCain: "I actually have 3 questions for McCain. I want to know all about his gambling habits and his connection to that industry, his connection to G. Gordon Liddy (a homegrown fascist terrorist) and about his "transition team manager", who aided lobbying efforts for Saddam Hussein to ease sanctions against his regime."

Kasie B. of Arkansas who would ask McCain: "Because I am a middle class american, and i want to know why he beleives that I do not deserve the tax cuts he approves for the rich. Why does he believe that "rich america" is who fuels the economy when the average american is who keeps the market stable. This should be obvious to Mccain, since the market crashed when families like myself can no longer afford to spend and are tapping into our rainy day funds just to put food on the table! Also, how can one be so blind to believe continuing the policies that have caused our economy to tumble will CHANGE anything. "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. " -Benjamin Franklin"

Laura N. of Michigan who would ask McCain: "I would ask him "If you REALLY KNOW how to win wars, catch Bin Laden, and fix the economy, WHY haven't you shared your expertise in 8 years of disastrous war, allowing the professed murderer of thousands of Americans to run free and an economic disaster to come close to crippling the US, all while you CLAIM to "Put Your Country First"? Because he needs to explain himself or confess he's a liar."

Mandy L. of North Carolina who would ask McCain: "Senator McCain, you've long stated that as President, you would veto any bill that crossed your desk that had too much pork attached to it, but you voted for the bailot bill that had 341 pages of it. Would you please go line-by-line through the bill and explain why each of these pork projects was more worth supporting than the ones you plan to veto?"

Mandy S. of Illinois who would ask McCain: "I want to know who he will have in his cabinet and why. He keeps saying he's different from Bush, but he's using his speech writers and consultants for Palin. He's hired Timmons to lead his transitional campaign. He has the same neocon ties that Bush used to help come up with all of his failed policies. I want a list of everyone that worked for Bush and who will work for McCain. I think it would be basically the same and that is incedibly frightening."

Marilyn G. of Florida who would ask McCain: "Is Anheuser-Busch one of the number of companies under a widespread federal investigation over the last few months into bid-rigging, bribery and kickbacks by members of the military and civilians connected to the Pentagon purchasing system involving Iraq War profiteering?"

Mary Carol M. of New Jersey who would ask McCain: "Give me a thumbnail sketch of a typical person who would benefit from your tax plan (ie., What he/she does for a living, how much they make (w-2 or investments) and how much you help them?"

Matt I. of New York who would ask McCain: "I'd ask him about his ambition. Why would John McCain choose an unknown, untested, obscure Governor of a State with a population the size of Greenwich, CT? A woman with one passport stamp's worth of foreign policy experience? A woman who can't name a single periodical she reads? A woman who's reduced to a stammering embarassment by softball questions from Katie Couric? Why would he choose a running mate he has to hide from the press if not for political gain? How is that "country first"?"

Michele E. of Maryland who would ask McCain: "What are you going to do to replace all of the jobs you you will destroy by an across the board spending freeze? I'm talking about the government contractors and the people who sell to government and sell to government contractors. Talk about decimating small business. My family's financial well being depends on your answer."

Naida L. of Oregon who would ask McCain: "Mr. McCain, you keep trying to scare us by saying that Mr. Obama wants to redistribute the wealth. I am wondering why you think that would be such a bad thing. I am a 55 year old CAUCASIAN female and have worked my ASS OFF all of my life, starting in the bean and berry fields at age 6 to help my single, welfare mother put food on the table for our small family of three. And now, I am tired of MY HARD WORK lining the pockets of CEOs. I now work part time at minimum wage--three and a half years after FINALLY earning a Masters degree and after eights months of unemployment. I have no savings and only a tiny pension from 13 years of being a school bus driver before I went back to school. I now owe over $150,000 (yes, one hundred fifty thousand) for a student loan BECAUSE I cannot get a living wage job--and it is the ONLY debt I have that does not have the usual consumer debt protections. You better believe I want to see the wealth "redistributed!" I don't deserve to be living in poverty again after a LIFE TIME of hard work! Why do you believe I don't deserve to share in the wealth of this country?"

Nicole J. of New Mexico who would ask McCain: "I was particularly concerned with McCain's comments about using the "hatchet" appraoch to government spending, otherwise known as a spending freeze. This was with only two specified exceptions, being defense and veterans affairs. I would like to know how it is that McCain proposes to turn our country around by continuing to sink money in the Iraq War, which is an astronomical expense, and he himself has estimated no end date, while freezing spending to social programs such as healthcare, welfare, education, etc. I would like to know how this arguement is feasible and specifically how we as a country can wholely overcome this economic crisis, while spending more on an endless war effort and giving less to education specifically which is already in dyer need of assistance if our children are ever to compete on a Global scale."

Norm R. of Indiana who would ask McCain: "A great deal is always made of the deficit from the year's budget, but no one ever discusses the 10+ trillion $ that the actual national debt is now at and how you will structure a plan to pay it off--what is your plan or your position on the US people being over $10 trillion in debt? Isn't this the reason for much of our economic woes? Isn't it your tax cuts and war spending that put us in this huge debt? How and when you fix this?"

Owen B. of Ohio who would ask McCain: "I would ask McCain: Why won't he support or create a bill that would stop allowing oil companies to slow producing oil , just to increase prices at the pumps. Also why he has never supported building new refineries in the U.S.A."

Richard L. of Colorado who would ask McCain: "What would you do to re-establish our freedoms and rights that were lost under the guise of the "Homeland Security Act" and/or "Patriot Act" and all of their follow-up legislation, which were all based on lies and the promotion of fear upon the American people. This would also include the suspension of "Habius Corpus" rights."

Robert N. of Virginia who would ask McCain: "John, why on Earth would you choose to run such a reckless campaign? It seems that at every turn, you and your advisers are running your campaign into the ground intentionally. Between your pointless and baseless attacks against Obama, your mind-boggling choice of a Vice Presidential campaign, and your sense of self-entitlement, why would any clear thinking person be tempted to vote for you? It almost seems as if you were trying to alienate the intelligent people and appeal only to the fundamentalists and radical right, rather than attempt to sway more liberal people to your philosophies. How can we believe you when you say you want to eliminate bi-partisanship when your own philosophy seems to be "Do it my way, or get out my way?"

Sara F. of New York who would ask McCain: "Senator McCain, do you agree with Palin that if a woman or child has been rapped by a stranger, friend or family member that that woman should be forced to carry her baby to term? A follow up to that question would be: Why do you devalue and hate women so much?"

Snow H. of Kansas who would ask McCain: "I would ask him for specifics on his plans/ideas. All he says is what's wrong and he knows how to fix it...Great, how? He knows where Bin Laden is...great, where and why haven't we gotten him? He's full of "I know how, I've done it before, I'll fix it" my question to him would be... HOW!"

Sue M. of Washington who would ask McCain: "I have sent him this question twice: When did you first know your melanoma spread to your brain and why have you not told the American public about it?"

Susan L. of Illinois who would ask McCain: "If one of your daughters were to get pregnant and need a late term abortion to save their life, would you still put "health of the mother" in air quotes?"

Taylor B. of Wisconsin who would ask McCain: "I would ask Senator McCain about our current policy towards nations that are deemed "unfriendly" because it is clear war is not that answer and tough sanctions only hurt the population and not the particular leader in charge. There needs to be a new approach to dealing with these nations and the innocent people that occupy them and i would like to know what Senator McCain's position is in regards to the current "Bush" policy that calls for preemptive strikes against any nation deemed a threat and if he would change anything about the policy."

Terry L. of Florida who would ask McCain: "During the second debate you indicated that you knew how to get Osama Bin Laden. Would you please tell me how you plan to do that? And why have you kept it a secret all this time?"

Travis S. Rhode Island who would ask McCain: "Why do you, as a republican, accuse liberals and democrats of wanting a 'big government' and yet you are for overturning Roe vs. Wade and against homosexual marriages. These are all examples of a conservative government dictating how Americans should live their lives which contradicts us being the land of the free. Don't you think wanting to control a free people with these ideologies, as law, is a truer example of 'big government'?"

Zachary P. of Michigan who would ask McCain: "How can we truly call you a "Maverick" when you can't stand up to your own supporters to tell them it's not right to call Obama a "Muslim", "Communist", and let people in your rallies scream out to "kill him"?"

The contest is now closed.

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