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By Cliff Schecter - February 21

We--the humble folks trying to give you an accurate view of The Real McCain--summarize, because you're just too darn busy to keep up with every McCain flip-flop, sell out or new principle: Continue reading

By Cliff Schecter - February 19

I have spoken twice with anti-Iraq War veteran and in my humble opinion, hero, Leonard Clark. First we rapped on the phone, and then through email. I wrote up a piece last night about how we need more Leonard Clarks on our side. Nothing could be more essential to progressive success. But without further ado, let me share his email with you, so you know what he has planned, and how you can contact him and help (I warned him that giving out his cell number and general whereabouts of his domicile were not the best idea, but he refuses to cower in the face or the Right--so with some personal reservations, I am honoring his request). Continue reading

By Cliff Schecter - February 17

John McCain's cool with missing a vote on his war, but he'll make sure to lecture South Carolina students on how abstinence is the only way. Continue reading