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By Cliff Schecter - March 16

So here we are again. Another week. And once again, for those of us at The Real McCain who track the good senator, he doesn't disappoint: Continue reading

By Cliff Schecter - March 15

Oliver Willis has an great piece on how John McCain is suddenly calling for a truce in personal attacks from the past. Could it be that some of the Swift Boaters are now after him, instead of John Kerry, so it's suddenly a problem? Continue reading

By Cliff Schecter - March 11

"Did any Republicans call on [former President] Clinton not to pardon the aptly named Mr. Rich?" That was John McCain immediately after the Libby verdict, defending the actions of a man who participated in what could be defined as treason. But really, he cares about the troops who were needlessly put in harm's way in an America-weakening war, based on lies and with the help of smear jobs like this one. Please go to for more on this and other stories.